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Logic 9 Stretching DrumLoop BPM Radius? Flex?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by orcasound, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    I purchased about $600.00 in multitrack drum loops from one of my favorite purveyors of acoustic rum loops. -
    Typically their stereo loop collections are 24bit acidized WAV - and I drag to the arrangement window from the Browser window in Logic - Logic automatically syncs the tempo of these files to the bpm of the session - whether I'm auditioning in the media browser or dragging them in - for the most part - the quality is fine.
    However their multitrack drum libraries are not acidized - (which I didnt notice in the fine print).
    I've tried the follwing
    1,Option, drag - time compression within logic
    2, Fkex Rhythm, Flex slice
    3. Flex mode Polyphpnic
    4. converting to Apple Loops and using the LoopBrowser.
    5. Downloaded demo for Radus

    The situation - Logics time stretching seems "unobtrusive" on the stereo drum loops - but the multi tracks are taking abetting - the tom tracks warble - room, etc.
    out of the above - the radius seemed very transparent - but og course the demo cuts out every second - so the bounced file is really chopped up.
    Flex in polyphonic/complex - seemed pretty good as well - but the room mic track -seemed a bit hacked up...

    In this instance I was moving a loop library played at 82 to 75.

    Anyone with experience doing this stuff - If I've got to buy radius - thats cool - but I am not ahppy about the lack of 64bit support / and not working unless I'm running 32bit mode - also it is a bit costly - and seems that I could pay $399 - and it become extinct with Logic X or no further support.
    Perhaps someone could suggest a better way.

    Much appreciated.

  3. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    What I do is batch process a library with apple Loop Utility, found in the utilities folder.

    You can adjust, transients, set looping, or one shot and add tags.

  4. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    The multi-track loops would possibly benefit from flex mode and grouping. Set your group parameter settings to have Editing and phase locked selected. Once enabled, you'll get a "Q" button added to the track header. This is used to derive the tempo adjustments. Typically kick and snare might have this enabled - no other tracks.

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