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Strip Silence question

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by OldMacTech, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. OldMacTech

    OldMacTech Member

    Confused. I know how to strip silence.

    I have a project open with Audio tracks (guitars into mics) and have no problem stripping silence from these. I also have 2-3 vocal tracks-mic into audio tracks-sometimes with effects or Apple Vintage vocal for example or sometime no effects. When I open the region to strip the silence no transients are visible to show where the strips will be. Funny thing is I think I've been able to strip silence from Vocal with no problem previously but all of a sudden it's baffling me.

    What's the catch?


  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Is it possible your vocal tracks were recorded at extremely low levels, making the detection of transients difficult? If that is the case, maybe try using the Gain Change function in the Audio File editor to boost the level of the audio file; and then hopefully strip silence will be able to do it's job more accurately.
  4. OldMacTech

    OldMacTech Member

    Thanks but don't think that's the problem

    Normal volume vocals-

    But I will look into your suggestion.


  5. OldMacTech

    OldMacTech Member

    followup, not sure what this is

    Did a couple of test recording, one mic'd guitar amp, one vocal mic staight in.
    As i record the track turns red and the transients are visible (near clipping on the volume meter) but when I stop record and playback there are no transients visible in the region during playback or in strip silence mode.

    Don't know what to make of it, haven't changed any settings that I know of.



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