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Logic 9 Stuck notes with external midi in Express 9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by lbullock, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. lbullock

    lbullock New Member

    A while back I replaced my iMac G5 with a 27" iMac i7. I was running Logic Express 7 on the G5. I decided to upgrade to Logic Express 9 when I purchased the new iMac. I'm having problems with my midi synth modules. Several of the synths are not even recognized and the two that are hang notes all the time. Unusable.
    I use an M Audio Firewire 410 and I configured the midi system with the Audio Midi Setup utility just as I had with version 7. All the synths were available to Logic and there were no stuck notes. FYI, I am daisy chaining the midi signal to all my synths. They work fine when playing with the midi thru option on on the interface.

    I'd REALLY appreciate it if someone can shed some light on this. I'm not a great musician or producer, but I enjoy tinkering around with music. The new technology is really cool, but right about now I miss my old 8 track analog studio.

    Many thanks for any help!
  3. slirak

    slirak Member

    It's difficult to tell without knowing exactly how you've connected your external synths, but it sure sounds as if you've got yourself a MIDI feedback loop. The most common way to achieve this is probably if you've got a keyboard with built-in sounds, both MIDI in and out connected to it and it's "local" parameter set to on.
  4. slirak

    slirak Member

    Oh, I just noticed that you use an M Audio 410. Try switching it's thru switch to off when you use your rig with Logic.
  5. lbullock

    lbullock New Member


    Thanks for the response. I've posted on several forums and you are the first to offer a suggestion.

    The midi loop theory makes sense. I noticed my send and receive channel on the VFX keyboard was both set at ch 1. I turned off the receive channel in AMS but to no avail. I have tried dozens of settings on the midi keyboard, but still get the stuck notes. I use the midi thru feature of the Firewire 410 just to play the midi instruments for enjoyment or to record them to audio tracks. Changing that has no effect.

    The midi system is configured thru Apple AMS with the in / out of the master keyboard going to the Firewire 410. The midi thru port of the keyboard feeds the input of module 1 and daisy chains to the thru ports to five more synths.
    This is the same setup I used in Logic 7 with no problem. I checked the AMS from the old system to be sure it is the same. I attached a screen shot of the AMS setup if you want to check it out.

    This one really has me stumped. I tried wiring the midi thru from the VFX to just one of my synths without the daisy chain and got the same results.
    I'm a video editor by profession and work with high end software for editing and graphics, so I'm no stranger to the digital world. I bought some of the first midi equipped instruments back in the 80s, so I thought I new midi fairly well. Tomorrow I am bringing in another controller to try as the master keyboard.

    As far as you know there is nothing in the Logic Express software that could be causing this, right?

    Many thanks!

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