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Logic 8 Studio Setup

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by CBerg, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. CBerg

    CBerg New Member

    I am new to Logic and need to ask dumb questions for a while. I have a Mac G5 running Logic Pro 8 and a Mac Pro that will run 9. I have just replaced a ProTools Mix set-up and need to set up for the new system starting with the monitor system. Would appreciate so advise on external hardware.

    My initial work will be mostly waveform editing. I can input these sounds as per normal computer files. I would like to use the digital optical outs to go to the monitors but don't know what A/D - D/A converter hardware to buy. I tried the Alesis AI 3 but now know its ADAT and doesn't read the Mac's optical signal. Can't find much in the manuals about setting up and configuring the hardware to work with Logic. Dumb questions I know from a newbee. Any "buy this" "plug it into this" advise would be greatly appreciated.

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