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Suggestion regarding Logic X feedback

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Colin Shapiro, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Just a thought.....

    I have no doubt we'll all find bugs and problems and feature suggestions fairly quickly. Obviously we'll discuss them here, but I'd suggest that we also send feedback to Apple in every case.

    From Logic, select [Provide Logic Pro Feedback] from the Logic X menu
    or go directly to:

    If everyone at LUG sends comments, they'll get a deluge of feedback that will hopefully inform their decisions for Logic 10.1
  3. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Here's one:
    Smart Controls are very clever indeed, but you can't save your own settings for later recall.
    We can save tons of other stuff e.g. settings for all plugins, channel strips etc. Why not for Smart Controls?
  4. Fabulowsky

    Fabulowsky Member

    Makes sense, I logged three bugs, two of them are very minor (typo, refresh) thanks for the link
  5. jonperl

    jonperl Member

    I've sent in 10 feedback reports already, including a few small bugs. For example, try playing drummer with Low Latency mode ON - sometimes in sync sometimes not.
  6. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    This is an excellent recommendation especially during this initial development phase of an amazing work in progress.

    So far, I've filed three reports, all of them kernel panics, which I've never, ever had on my i5 MBP.

    The triggers included: attempting to switch screen sets with number keys; and using P, E, Y, and N to open their respective MIDI editors.

  7. Fabulowsky

    Fabulowsky Member

    Hi Wally, just my 2 cents on crashes ; I had one too when playing with the new scripter/arpegiator/chords midi plugins combination but I noted for logic 9 that sometimes importing of old templates was not so perfect and that I had less trouble recreating a new one. Not necessarily a crash though.
  8. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hi Fabulowsky,

    The kernel panics occurred during the process of setting up a new custom template in Logic X. Some configuration changes were made to the Transport, and windows arranged, then hitting the "2" key to navigate to the next screen set shut down my computer.

    The next time, I used the menu to repeatedly duplicate the first screen set, then sized windows while toggling with P, E, etc. Poof!

    Hopefully Apple will come out with a 10.01 soon.

    Other than that, Lx is an incredible update.
  9. peterlemer

    peterlemer Senior member

    submitted: shift-clicking Cycle isn't working properly.
  10. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Here's a suggestion: make velocities easier to select and move in the Piano Roll editor. This is always fiddly and even buggy. For example, in Logic X, I am often finding that I cannot even select the velocities at all, but can only draw the green line which adjusts multiple velocities at once. This seems to happen when there is other automation data (like Modulation) on the track. Anyone else having this? Sending this in to Apple.
  11. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    And a suggestion: All Library items (presets, channel strips) should allow keyword tags and ratings. This would make it easy to find favorite items.
  12. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Just to follow up on the kernel panic situation with my i5 MBP.
    It was a really discouraging situation for a few months. The first genius was skeptical about a motherboard issue as crashes only occurred with Logic Pro X. Not DP. Not Cubase. Not Adobe CS6 etc.

    Eventually crashes started happening with iMovie and Safari. The second genius ran a battery of tests that clearly indicated a graphics card issue which could only be fixed by replacing the mo'bo' at $300.

    Not only did they replace the mo'bo', but also my 3rd party (OWC) RAM. No more kernel panics.:thmbup:
  13. songman

    songman Member



    Update EXS24, it looks worse than ever before, you can hardly read the name of a loaded instrument, the possibility to look at it at 150% etc is bad, it looks like an enlarged screen capture. The GUI really needs work and so does the engine under the hood. For one important thing: re-instate the Vienna performance tool!

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