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Logic 8 Suggestions Please!

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by jonnyp, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. jonnyp

    jonnyp New Member

    ok brand new to mac and logic. and i am stuck. i bought a mac to do some demo recording but mostly to use mainstage for different live jobs. trying to avoid double buying gear... here goes..

    1. i want to buy a 61 key controller and use mainstage for its piano, rhodes, and few tones and effects 3 times a week.. what board do i get?

    2. i would like to use mainstage for my guitar effects and stop luggin 3000#'s of gear and effects around 2 other times a week with different band. what interfaces or whatever do i need?

    3. i want to buy a few triggers for drummers sets and/or midi controler so every drummer i hire has the same effects for songs and also can trigger loops i provide.

    4. want to do some basic demo recording at home. apoge duet?

    5. would prefer a rack interface for durability but not concrete on this. it will be used 5 nights a week and if i could rack it or at least fit it in a drawer i could condense my power conditioner and wireless gear and i think i can have everything in 2 four space skb cases and have either one keyboard or guitar case, depending on the job.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! thanks guys!

  3. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    Even the cheapest 61-note controllers work at least 3 times a week nowadays. This is in stark contrast to 20 years ago, where only the most expensive controllers would work this often, and the cheaper ones would only work 1 time a week (2 if you were lucky).

    All of m-Audio's current keyboards work 3 or more times a week. The Axiom series are especially good (they are guaranteed for 58 times a week). They also have nice feeling keys and other controls like drumpads and faders/knobs.

    You need an audio interface with a preamplified Instrument input. But you might even be interested beyond this. Check out Apogee's new GIO:

    These are 3 requests. Many "drumpad" controllers are meant for fingers or a light tap with drumsticks (or knitting needles) like m-Audio's Trigger Finger. MainStage can be setup with presets. You can also trigger loops.

    It's a very simple interface but it sounds fantastic.

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