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Logic Studio apps Sustain Pedal Issue in Mainstage 2

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by TomBF, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. TomBF

    TomBF New Member

    Hey Guys, I'm Tom.

    I bought Apple Mainstage 2 today and am really loving the software only i have a problem.

    *I have a Yamaha P-155 Keyboard with a plug-in sustain pedal connected by what i believe is a stereo jack...The old fat headphone plug.

    Though the keyboard works fine but when I mapped it in MS2 this issue came up, When the sustain pedal was pressed, the pedal would go down, But so would the E (key) above Middle C (E3)


    When i tried to change the data in the midi settings It simply erased the E and kept the pedal, obviously E is very important so i really need some help ASAP?

    do i need a separate pedal? The computer picks up the midi through the keyboard so i don't understand why i can separate the input from the keys and the pedal?

    The ass.. and mappings light up on
    Channel 1
    E3> Sustain 1> untitled content> send to all> Keyboard 1> 64 (sustain)

    Channel 1-16
    Unassigned> > Untitled concert> all channel strips
    Notes> Keyboard 1> Untitled concert> Keyboard 1 Destinations...

    Thanks in advance

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  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member


    When you press the sustain pedal, what shows up in the MIDI activity window at the top of the concert? You should not see a pitch. If you do, the source of the problem is your keyboard, not MS.
  4. TomBF

    TomBF New Member

    It shows multiple pitches. But mainly G3
  5. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    If you see a MIDI pitch when you ONLY depress the sustain pedal then the pitch is coming from your keyboard and probably needs to be addressed there.

    When I depress my sustain pedal, I only get CC 64 values of 0 and 127, no MIDI note information.

    If you don't see a MIDI pitch when you depress the sustain pedal, then it's perhaps some mapping you did in MS or a corrupt concert. Consider opening one of the MS concert templates and see if the pedal works there. If you have the same problem I'd think it's a keyboard issue. If not, it's specific to that concert.

    Lastly, if you find it specific to your concert you could try creating a new concert if you haven't gotten too far along. If it is the concert and you want to send it to me (e-mail), I'll take a quick look at it.
  6. TomBF

    TomBF New Member

    Thanks mate ill have a look and see what I can do tonight. I appreciate your help

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