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Logic 9 Switch between two sources (comparing mix) with one button/key

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by o.m., Mar 25, 2013.

  1. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    I´m not sure if this is covered here or there yet, but I sometimes wish I had the opportunity to check out two different tracks, comps or two different settings in a mix, by switching quick between them during playback with one click or preferably a key command so I could do this without watching (blindfold testing).

    Got an easy way out?
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Only ever been able to do this with a hardware controller that allows me to tap between two "solo" buttons, so select one mix or the other.
  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I have posted a small free Environment template 4 years ago in another Logic forum here where my nick was Scandor. The idea was taken from the other fans and transformed into different workarounds...
    Later I developed a multi tracks comparison tool which can be controlled via Key switches, external CC# or Program Change # so you can compare up to 16 track mixes on the fly.
  5. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    Thanks a lot, looks like a nice way of diving a little into the Enviroments. I´ll check it out tonight.

    I´ve considered buying a hardware controller for some time, and a Mackie Controller Universal Pro looks quite nice, but it´s also quite expensive. I prefer having my only digital synth unMIDI´ed most of the time, as I sometimes ended up doing stupid things in the DAW while programming the synth, MIDI was recorded while I only wanted to record audio++
  6. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Not really got a definitive answer, but I set up sub-master busses/auxes and use alt+click on the solo buttons which deactivates any existing solos.
  7. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    Hm, I get this to work if I solo/mute a track or aux (or several), but I don´t know how to use it for my main purpose; When I´ve i.e. recorded an instrument on two tracks using two different microphones, I want to quickly A/B between these two tracks together with the rest of the tracks. Is it possible making an environment macro that mutes one track, at the same time as it unmutes another and vice versa?
  8. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Yes that can be done easily using just one transformer which is cabled as shown in the image below (right now I'm away of my Mac so this a PC former L5). So you have to patch cables from both Channel strips to the transformer and two cables from the Transformer to each Channel Strip.
    Make the Transformer settings as shown and tweak the Mute buttons of both Channels to see what the magic it is :thmbup:

  9. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Uh, call me thick, but I don't see the whole "recipe". Any way you could create an example layer for the more dense of us??? :))

    I would love to see how this works (and I am not being sarcastic just in case you think that, I am being 100% sincere... really!).
  10. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi George,
    As I mentioned before I'm away of my place right now having a mobile PC laptop only, that's why I can show a demo video using former Logic 5 - the Environment is not changed till our days so you can re-create that setup in L8/L9 as well!
    Watch the video and send me a drink :thmbup:
    Edit: I missed to set the Transformer template to "Apply Operation Filter non-matching events" in the video. It is important to switch to that mode!

    Transformer as Channel Mute Alternator Demo Video - DOWNLOAD
  11. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    Ah, I finally got to check out this, and it works great!
    I must admit I didn´t understand the setup of the environment, but the video was very helpful. Thanks a lot! :thmbup:

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