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Logic X System Overload, WHY?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Martin John Butler, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Martin John Butler

    Martin John Butler New Member

    I'm new here. I've been getting System Overload prompts, and can't work on one of my songs now. I have a late 2009 iMac, 10.10,5 Yosemite, 16GB memory, non-firewire. I use Logic X, and unless there's been an update this week, use the current version. This same song worked yesterday, so it's confusing why it won't work today. I don't think there's any more CPU usage than on any of my other tracks that work fine. I use no software instruments, other than two Shaker tracks. I use an UAD Apollo. I store my Logic X projects on a Glyph drive. My hard drive is nearly maxed out now.

    This is maddening. Please help if you can, thanks.
  3. Martin John Butler

    Martin John Butler New Member

    Just uploaded the latest update. I saw this comment at Apple when I went there to get the update, so I'm not the only one having this issue. It's getting late, I'll try again tomorrow and cross my fingers the 10.2.2 update helps.

    "Update on my 1 star rating
    In the last few updates the system overload is become a big problem with my work flow. Don’t get me wrong they were great updates except for the system overload problem. I started using LPX from day one with little problems. Anyway I just started using Studio One Artist to give it a try and compare it to LPX with the same tracks and plugins applied , no system overload in Studio One Artist, switch to LPX and System Overload. You have to fix this system overload problem. I’ve tried every little adjustment and steps recommended by Apple Support. I’m using a 2012 Mac Mini 8 Gig , ElCapitain latest Ver, everything is all updated. I really hate to give LPX up and go to Studio One because of the System Overload.

    This is an update on the lastest version 10.2.2, so far so good, I’ve tried several mixes with the new update and no crashes or system overload".
  4. Martin John Butler

    Martin John Butler New Member

    Still getting glitches. Sometimes I get an "error when trying to synchronize audio and midi". This never happened until the last two updates.
  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    In Logic Preferences>Audio, what is the Processing Threads set to?
    On my 2010 i5 MBP, I can switch from Automatic to 4 cores which dramatically evens out the cpu load.

    The other thing you mention is that your hard drive is nearly maxed out A general rule is to have at least 15% of total capacity as free space. I get nervous if it gets close to 25%, resulting in purchase of an additional drive. Drives are cheap these days.
  6. Martin John Butler

    Martin John Butler New Member

    Thanks Cseye, it's good to hear from someone. I looked at my processing yesterday, and see only 2 cores. I do have an external Glyph drive I keep Logic projects on. Does that affect my use of Logic X? My iMac hard drive is down to just 8GB free.

    My problems make it impossible to work now, so I figured it was the updates. On one important song, I can't get it to play at all without the System Overload prompt. It worked the day before, so it seems odd. Also, right in the middle of recording I've been getting a kind of hiccup, and get a prompt saying "error while trying to sync audio and midi". This has ruined a few great takes already. I usually have only one, maybe two midi tracks. Using Superior Drummer, I often loop a basic beat to track to, and program drums later. I sometime use Apple's shakers along with it as timekeepers too.
  7. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Use of an external drive to save projects actually improves performance compared to use of only the internal drive.
    An optimal system would be: The internal drive for OSX / Applications, another drive (internal or external to save Logic Projects, and a third drive for sample libraries.

    My suggestion is to get another drive to off-load content from your internal drive. 8 GB is not very much space.
    If my 500GB internal drive approaches 100 GB free space, I start to keep an eye on what I'm storing on it, and begin to off-load content to archive drives.

    What happens if you use Logic's Drummer instead of Superior Drummer. System Overload still occuring?

    My 2012 i7 Mini with internal SSD drives and 16 GB has plenty of power to run all software instrument projects.
  8. Martin John Butler

    Martin John Butler New Member

    Thanks again CSeye.

    I've offloaded the sample libraries to my second drive and do save my Logic projects there.I use it exclusively for Logic, except I sometimes use it for putting together some gear demo videos I put up on youtube.

    I'm looking at getting another computer soon. I teach music to kids, so my budget's really tight, but it's near the point where I have no choice.

    I'd love to keep my i5 iMac just for internet and mail, and just get a mac mini for Logic exclusively, but I'll probably have to settle for a slightly better iMac, with an i7 and more storage. You have a 500GB internal drive AND an SSD drive inside your mac mini?

    I'll try eliminating Superior drummer on a track tomorrow, just to see if it helps or not. Thanks for the suggestion. Still, SD never caused issues before, but who knows, maybe with the updates, Toontracks need to work out a firmware update..

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