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Logic 9 Tapping The Tempo To A Pre-Arranged Multi-Time Signature Song

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by PapaG, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. PapaG

    PapaG New Member

    I have written a song that has several tempo changes (stepping from 100 bpm to 120 bpm) and time signature changes (back and forth from 3/4 to 4/4). These changes have been written into the Logic arrangement in the Group Header. The song is in skeletal form and at the moment comprises two au instruments with a handful of apple loops to sketch out the drums.

    What I want to do, before recording real instruments, is record more subtle tempo variations into the arrangements. Basically the song needs rubato at various points.

    So how do I play the song, with it's pre-existing tempo mapping, and at various points tap out the rubato so that Logic records these slight variations in speed?

    Any help greatly welcomed.
  3. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi unfortunately I don't think there is an easy way of doing this. I have done *similar* things but with big caveats. You can't get direct real time control of logics measures/tempo, but here are a couple of approaches which you may be able to use;

    1 directly entering tempo changes-either by drawing in the tempo on the global header or using tempo operations (it has an interface similar to the midi transformer) you can tell it the start tempo, end tempo and set the curve, it'll then enter a series of tempo changes on the tempo header. This tends to be trial and error but you can get pretty organic feeling results.

    2 Recording a click track using a key on your midi keyboard (or even caps lock keyboard) and then using beat mapping to get the tempo to follow your variations. The obvious problem here is your existing instruments (and metronome) will probably be completely out of time as you record the click, until you beat map (which of course you can only after you've recorded it!).

    These are my best bets, I wish you the best in your endeavours and if you do figure out a reliable way of getting a tap tempo to work (and record it) I'd be really interested to hear!
  4. EastWest Lurker

    EastWest Lurker Senior member

    mt100uk has the right approach IMHO.
    1. Find your basic starting tempo.
    2. Set the metronome to play only on count in.
    3. Using a sound of your choice i.e. a kick drum, play in quarter notes for fast tempo or 8th notes for slower tempo while hearing the song in your head so that you slow down and speed up as feels correct.
    4. Beat map the region, then tweak in the tempo list until the click is what you want.
  5. PapaG

    PapaG New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    The problem is that I need to add subtle tempo variations live and non-destructively (that is, without wiping out, as soon as I hit tap, the tempo changes and time signature changes that I have already written into the group track).

    In other words, I need the tap tempo to function like 'Touch' does in automation mode.
  6. EastWest Lurker

    EastWest Lurker Senior member

    And I want a pony :) It doesn't.
  7. PapaG

    PapaG New Member

    So as soon as you hit tap tempo, every bit of previous tempo info in every part of the arrange gets erased and there's no way round?

    I really appreciate the info. At least I'm no longer barking up the wrong tree.
    Maybe time to try another sequencer....
  8. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Is there another sequencer (or sequencers) that have that feature? Would be nice. Maybe in Logic 10, should it ever be released.....

    Possible weak workaround:

    The global tempo track has 9 alternatives. You may want to switch to number 2 before you try anything so 2 could be a experiment without damaging number 1. You can copy and past between alternatives - my thought is experiment in alternative 2 and copy/paste successful results in 1 (or use another alternative).

    Anyway, in the environment you can go to New>Faders>Specials and select tempo control fader. It is by default assigned to pitch wheel, you could assign it to anything. My guess is as it is set up it will be too coarse for what you need. If you are comfortable in the environment, you could scale so you slider moves say a maximum of 10 beats.

    Certainly not what you want (not intuitive like tapping), but maybe something that could work.

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