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Logic 9 Template for uc-33e in logic pro 9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by tdog, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. tdog

    tdog New Member

    is there a .cs file for the uc-33e controller for use in logic 9.1.3?

    i have tried using the one from merges ( for logic 8 ) and it doesn't seem to 'fit'. ie - all the faders on the uc3 seem to control just the selected channel in logic, not the channel as numbered. fader 1- channel 1 etc.

  3. tdog

    tdog New Member


  4. yann_

    yann_ New Member


    Hi i got the same problem how did u sort it out ?
    could you please explain thnx in advance

    sincerly yann ;)
  5. tdog

    tdog New Member


    To be honest, I'm not sure really:).
    Trial and error I think....
    But... if you follow the instructions carefully, your logic set up should look like this -then it all works. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but midi is a dark art for me.:confused:


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  6. yann_

    yann_ New Member

    it looks the same :D but it doesn't work with my controller i've got the same problem as u mentiond in the beginning of this tread
  7. tdog

    tdog New Member

    you are using preset 31?
    you assigned 'GM General Purpose Controller 1 to Fader 9'?

  8. yann_

    yann_ New Member

    suddenly everything works when i changed my mixermode to arrange instead of all but the gm controller to fader 9 doesn't work for me
  9. tdog

    tdog New Member

    you need this to get fader 9 to be the master output volume.

    did you use enigma to add the gm controller setting?

  10. yann_

    yann_ New Member

    yeah and the channel is one right ?

    it works btw to everyone using this template when pressing cmd+k and you get into the controller assignment window u should change every Input message midi input setting to your uc-33 port 1 ;)

    thnx 4 the help :)
  11. tdog

    tdog New Member

    yeah, channel one.

    should all work.


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