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Logic X Tempo calculator in Logic?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by DougF, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. DougF

    DougF New Member

    In DP9 there's a nifty function that, among other things, will figure out tempo to changes to allow you to get a bar or beat (or anything) to hit at a particular real time or smpte time. It's great for slowing things or speeding things up to get a track to hit various picture hits when working to video.

    Is there anything in logic like this? Or anyone have a process they use to achieve the same thing?
  3. loopkitchen

    loopkitchen New Member

    There are two workarounds for the lack of a direct function. Both of these don't deal with speeding up or slowing down but with exact tempo changes. The first of the two options would make it possible to draw the tempo curve.

    1. decide on the exact SMPTE code where your downbeat has to be, create a region and SMPTE lock it.
    Then create a tempo change at this exact same spot. That way your song will continue in the original tempo. If you don't need that, then leave it out.
    Then create another tempo change about 8 bars earlier (or 4 or whatever you have to do). This depends on how big the differences between the tempos will be. The further apart, the closer together are the tempos.
    Now drag-change the tempo of the earlier of the two tempochanges. This will make your SMPTE locked region move in either direction. Move the earlier tempo until the SMPTE-locked region is exactly where you want it.

    2. this option is much harder to explain, you basically also create a region
    The region goes from the downbeat (!) of where you want/choose the first tempo change up until the SMPTE point of where the new tempo will be.
    Then set a cycle from the beginning of that region until a downbeat close to the end of that region
    Then you hit the command Edit -> Tempo -> Adjust tempo using region length and locators. The edit menu here is the local edit menu in the arrange window. Not the edit menu in the menu bar.

    Hope this is understandable...

    Best, Hans!
  4. DougF

    DougF New Member

    Thanks loop! My apologies for not responding sooner. I wound up just doing some odd bar lengths and got where I needed to go. I'm going to try out your two approaches, try to learn them and will report back to base. Thank you!!

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