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Tempo information in bounce files

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by friday2life, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. friday2life

    friday2life New Member

    I bounced several tracks from 3 "working" projects for a mastering project. When I imported bounces created in one project (let's call it Project X), the duration changed. That is, in Project X the bounce had a duration of exactly 3:04 (93 bars at 120 bpm), but once imported into the Master project the duration changed to 2:49.
    The Browser also showed a 3:04 duration. Tempi were the same for both Project X and the Master Project (120 bpm). Every indicator specified 3:04 - until the bounce reached a Master Project track at 2:49.
    When I imported the first bounce into the Master, Logic asked "do you want to import the tempo information?" I tried both No and Yes - same result. Bounces from other projects imported at the anticipated length, but bounces from Project X were shorter.
    I also tried bouncing in .wav instead of .aif but bounces still imported short. Presumably at some point I altered tempo information in Project X and changed it back to 120 - but I have no idea how to find this and correct it.
    It's easy enough to work around - a simple polyphonic flex delivered a good result.
    What I'm asking is how and where to identify tempo information that changes bounce duration. I'd much rather manage that element for a predictable bounce duration, rather than relying on Flex. Thanks!

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