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Logic 9 tempo problems importing midi

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by pianistguy, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. pianistguy

    pianistguy Member

    im importing my midi files that i saved from other projects but when i play them in the new project they play extremely slow, and i dont know why. They dont play slow in the original projects, so i dont understand why they are screwed up when i try to transfer/import them.

    I have been playing around with the tempo settings, but im not sure what i could have done. Again it doesnt effect the midi file when i play it in the original project, but i saved it and when i try to import the same file, the tempo is very slow. Any ideas?
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Getting the embedded tempo map in General MIDI files imported along with the note data only works if you bring in the file a specific way.

    If you open it by using the regular "open" command in Logic, it will create a new project, import the MIDI and tempo data, and call up software instruments for each of the parts.

    If you drag and drop from the Finder, no tempo data gets imported.

    If you use the "import" command, the tempo map does not get imported either.

    If you want to use a preset template _AND_ get the tempo map, do it in two steps. First use the "open" command under the File Menu to import it into a new session with the temp map. Open the tempo list. Select All. Copy. Then discard the session. Open a new template that you want t use. Bring in the MIDI file by using the "Import" command under the File Menu. Open the Tempo List. Then use "Paste at original position" to paste in the tempo events.
  4. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I just found this as I did a search before posting this question. Thanks so much! Can one get markers in or do those just not translate between midi projects (in this case, DP and L9)?
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I don't think there is any way to move markers between projects other than via copying and pasting. I have done it and it's actually pretty robust. Open either the global marker track, or the marker list window in the source project. Select all, hit copy. Then paste at original position in the destination project. It'll get the job done.
  6. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Thanks Eli,
    I was actually referring to getting markers in from DP over to Logic, not between Logic projects. But, I assume it's not possible.

    I assume you're already working on your new series of videos for groove3? I'll be sure to rent them as soon as they come out.
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Dave,

    Yup, I'm at work on them as we speak :)
  8. Petrosil

    Petrosil Member

    Here's just another (Logic 9 only) workaround how to import tracks and tempo from a MIDI file into an already existing project:
    • Open the MIDI file in Logic via menu command File -> Open (this opens the MIDI file in Logic including the original tempo information)
    • Save the opened MIDI file as Logic project and close project
    • Open target project, and use track import functions in File Browser tab to import tempo and MIDI tracks from the project you saved from the MIDI file.

    At least this prevents you from juggling with multiple open projects in the same session.


  9. ronaldb32

    ronaldb32 New Member

    Hi There,

    i have almost a similar problem where i can't find a solution for. When i'm importing midi files into logic (with tempo changes) exported from cubase (or sibelius), it doesnt "play" the tempo changes. Also my tempo change list is empty.

    I've tried to import the midi files from sibelius into cubase and there i have no problems.

    I've been seeking for 3 days now to find a solution. :brkwl:
    Please advice!

    Thanks in advance!!
  10. Steve barnacle

    Steve barnacle New Member

    i have almost a similar problem where i can't find a solution for.

    Hi I'm using logic 8, when I import a midi file, in all the ways recommended I get the music playing at the right tempo for the song but the tempo in logic bears no relation to the tempo of the music.
    There are tempo changes but nothing shows on the tempo map and the midi notes are not sitting on the beat. I can't get the notes to sit on the bar and I can speed the whole thing up or down but a few bpm changes make a big difference. I wanted to add audio to this file but it will be like dealing with a live performance! which for a midi file is strange! anyone got any ideas? thanks Steve.
  11. HantuUK

    HantuUK New Member

    I don't know if you still have this 'problem'? My solution is, open finder, right click the midi file, and open with Logic. That way the tempo map is imported. This is assuming of course that the midi file has a tempo map.

    Hope this helps...


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