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Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by Analog Surrender, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Analog Surrender

    Analog Surrender New Member

    Thanks in advance for this brilliant group forum

    I am finally making the switch to digital

    This is mainly because I need to put together a system that runs off solar and eco power and analog gear is so power thirsty

    Also it is the.....right time


    Logic Studio seems to be the way to go

    Is this a good package to start with ?

    Does it come bundled with a Mac, is it an upgrade or a separate purchase

    I am looking at buying a MbP

    Where can I learn about the specifications of the MbP required for Logic ?

    I presumably will require A/D converters and interfaces for audio and MIDI in/out

    What interfaces will I have to purchase ?

    I would envisage starting with 4, 8 or 16 Multitrack capability + some MIDI and building up from there

    Where is the best place to start gathering answers ?

    Is there a good book available from Amazon ?
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member


    No, Logic doesn't come bundled with a mac, it's now a download from the App Store.

    You'll need to get used to the concept of digital. You will have more tracks than you need. The thing to think about is A/D inputs. IE, how many physical inputs will you need at once. (miss and/or lines)

    Number of outputs only becomes important if you are mixing "outside the box", i.e. using a mixing desk rather than mixing within Logic down to a stereo or surround audio file. Presumably that is what you want as you are trying to get rid of outboard.

    So you'll only need one output (stereo ) for monitors (unless you need surround) and maybe one other for headphones unless you just want to split the monitor output.

    So let us know whether your converter needs to be a simple 2 in 2 out or more ins/out and you'll get some good recommendations.

    You need the best spec MBP you can afford. See this recent thread for some info about RAM/drives:

    Do you live near an Applestore? If so they do a great deal when you buy a computer, you can get a whole year of 1 to 1 tuition for about £75 or $99
  4. Analog Surrender

    Analog Surrender New Member

    Thanks Pete

    So let us know whether your converter needs to be a simple 2 in 2 out or more ins/out and you'll get some good recommendations.

    Actually it is:

    1. Quality
    2. Price (naturally)
    3. Expandability

    More info.....

    I have very good quality mic amps already
    Therefore only a couple mic amp D/A's for (no power) stereo location/outdoor work
    For D/A's
    Mostly line level converters
    Quality first
    I would rather start with two good quality channels than 16 inferior
    Expansion is the key add more easily
    Add quantity as required as project/s expand
    So, I am looking at Apogee (used to be benchmark standard) or decent pro converters
    Semi pro/pro.....same maybe ?

    Eventually I will want to use the Mac in conjuction with an analog console for mixing/overdubs so then I will need to expand to say 8 or 16 + 2 mon D/A outs also

    These will obviously be line level and I assume I can use the same line level converters used for recording for inputs from the analog busses


    Eventually it looks as if I will need 16 line level A/D inputs
    Couple of mic level A/D inputs

    8 or 16 + 2 D/A outputs


    It would make sense to start with just a few ins and a stereo out to see how well it works.......and if I can get the sound I want like this!

    On the subject of sound

    Is there a high quality Lexicon reverb that can be part of the software rather than an insertion

    I am used to the box with the sliders...haha

    That is brilliant....thanks

    I was going to ask about RAM drives

    I saw for the first time when looking at the MBP specs......

    I was wondering if they solve the access speed/streaming problems common when using hard drives for recording multitrack etc

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