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Logic X The ins and outs of flex time

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by volovicg, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. volovicg

    volovicg Senior member

    I posted this response on another forum in support of the question which was asked regarding flex.

    His question was simply, why when I drag an external audio region in ( in this case it was create by another user, using logic at a different tempo), if the project tempo doesn't match - when I turn flex on the region immediately gets longer or shorter to conform to the project tempo. He just wants the current project tempo in conjunction with audio region to work as if he recorded the region into logic at the current global tempo....

    My contribution:
    This flex stuff is making me crazy too. Between Detect tempo, analyze transients, analyze audio for flex editing - I can't figure out what flex is doing when and where, and what is related to each other in terms of each function doing the same thing or different. So to your point ( and I wish there was a white paper or something on how flex works internally ) - ( and I am not talking about flex markers, but rather the global tempo and interaction with a flex enabled region). Detect tempo used to enable "Follow tempo" for audio not recorded in Logic, now in 10.2.1 the only option appears to be flex. But as you stated and screen shot below demonstrates - there seems to be something a muck or a general lack of understanding certainly on my part. I think just some basic assumptions and rules on how it all inter-relates would save a ton of frustration...

    One example and in support of the OP ( I went the opposite though where may project tempo was set high - intentionally).....
    I dragged in two audio files not recorded in Logic. Both songs are substantially bellow the current project BPM.

    I enable flex on one and the region speeds up to match the project tempo ( I assume Logic tries to determine the BPM of the audio based on the transient detection it does when enabling flex and then adjusts based on the project tempo.

    On the other region same exact thing.. except it doesn't move and plays back "apparently" at recorded tempo, not of the global project BPM.....
    I did nothing except drag both these files in and enable flex.....(flex pitch or flex time - makes no difference)

    In support of the OP - I too would very much appreciate anyone who knows what is going on and can explain it?

    Flex BS.GIF
  3. volovicg

    volovicg Senior member

    just bringing to a close and ask one final question in the event anyone knows..
    In a previous post there was a discussion about regions ( associated with imported audio) changing length when flex'd.
    I have determined this is caused be embedded tempo information in the file. Removing the tempo information or setting it to the current tempo of logic at time of import addresses the issue.

    The way to circumvent this from happening is as follows.

    1/ import the region with flex off
    2/ remove the tempo information from the file
    3/ delete the region
    4/ re-import the audio file ( now without tempo information).

    Now when flex'd the region does not adjust to conform to the current project tempo.

    The attached demonstrates the issue and how to resolve it.

    My question is.. when I remove tempo from the file, it does not persist into the region already on the track ( I assume in memory) and that I have to delete it after I remove the tempo information and re-import it again. Is there any way to remove the tempo information so that it applies to not only to the external audio file, but also to any regions currently loaded in the arrange window
    which btw are supposed to be referencing this file.

    This was a major revelation for it was driving me crazy

    This is the same file being put into the arrange window. First one has tempo, then I remove the tempo info and re-import it again. Then I turn flex on ( the one with tempo changes size, the one without never moves).

    Flex Screenshot.GIF

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