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Logic 8 Track editing question

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by toddbel, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. toddbel

    toddbel New Member

    I'm pretty new to LE8 & am working through David Nahmani's book.
    I just learned how to copy a small segment of a track and slide it to a new location on the track and paste. I'm used to using my ears to line up an edit like this and am having trouble doing that using this editing technique. Logic copies and pastes a new segment every time I make slight adjustments in the position of the paste, or leaves a blue gap.
    I used to do this in GarageBand by putting the copied segment on a new track, and then positioning it so it sounded natural. Then I would turn down the sound on the main track and turn up the sound on the segment so it would sound continuous.
    Any suggestions? thanks
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    First, it's best to get terminology correct.I think by segment you mean "region"

    When you copy a region and choose paste, it will be pasted at the position of the Playhead (this may have been called something else in Logic 8, Song Position Line or something)

    When copying a region and pasting on another track at the same place, you can use paste at original position (in the Edit menu)

    It would be well worth you reading the getting started portion of the manual before asking too many questions here. We are happy to help but do prefer it if people have read that first and have a grasp of the basics.
  4. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    If you hold the option key down you will make a new copy. Common Apple system function.

    What might be a more simple way to move a region a very small bit is to select the track, and then the region on the track.

    Now, in the inspector there is a definition called "delay" this moves the selected region by either ticks (Logic's smallest resolution for movement) or milliseconds (you actually have to change to this with a preference). Ti the right of the word "delay" is a box where you can manually enter a number to move the region... adding a higher value/number moves the region further down the times line, negative values sooner.

    Again, this is for the smallest amounts, so it might not sound like anything until you jack it up to 50 or so to start. that should give you an idea of what is happening.

    Remember: the delay field in the track inspector, you have to have the region selected before you do this. It can also be used on the entire contents of a track, be it audio or midi data. I use this method all the time.

    And yea, please read at least the little manual that comes with the current Logic Pro package. Or else you may well get flamed, in a semi polite way ;-)
  5. toddbel

    toddbel New Member

    thanks for your answers. I'll try to read a bit more before asking any (basic!) questions. Don't want to get flamed.


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