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Logic 9 Track waveforms missing from view

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by StoMo, May 24, 2013.

  1. StoMo

    StoMo New Member

    A bit of background:
    I've searched the archived posts and Apple Support to no avail. Though I've found some potential answers suggested, they don't work for me. I'm not particularly fluent with Logic [9.1.8] but I've used it with success on a number of projects and never run into this issue. I'm very comfortable with Macs - [since the Apple IIe] so as you've guessed, I'm OLD!

    Running 10.8.3 on a 2.66GHz 24" iMac with 4Gb RAM.

    OK - so I recorded a jazz ensemble live at a festival and let the 17 tracks run without stopping for the 70 [or so] minute set. As it was recording, I noticed that the tracks in the arrange window were not always being drawn completely. There were occasional "half-screen" gaps. Perhaps a graphics overload on the system?

    When I opened the project in the studio to work on the mix, NO track waveforms were visible in any part of the hour+ recording. Just the gray background for all 17 tracks. If I hit PLAY, I hear audio and the small VU meters on the left light up, but no visual waveform representation of the audio recorded appears. Same is true for Arrange (only) screenset.
    I've made a backup copy of the whole project (9gb) to an external HD.

    So far I've tried:
    Restarting, checking delay is at "0", expanding waveform w/lower right button slider, attempts at "un-hiding" tracks, Options>Recreate(?) Overview, and other options in the audio bin, and Track & View buttons at the top of the arrange window.

    I'm sure there is SOMEONE who has some insight that I'm missing.
    My gut tells me that perhaps my system can't handle the data flow or graphics required to display all, but not sure of the next step.

    Thought #1: Is it possible for me to DIVIDE the recording into 20-30 minute segments for better memory management?

    Thought #2: is it possible to "re-import" the tracks into the arrange window from the (apparently intact) Audio Bin. [No multiple takes in this project.]

    Thanks for still reading (!) and thanks for any leads or suggestions.

  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    If you haven't done so, try going to your Bin tab (or Audio Bin window). They both have the same menu item. Audio File menu>Update File Information.

    Yes, but you might then have to convert each region into an individual audio file.

    You can open up a new project and use the import function to bring all files from that session. Could be a good idea - should eliminate any file corruption issues.
  4. StoMo

    StoMo New Member

    Thanks much!
    Had already tried the Audio Bin options.
    Decided to postpone dividing the project into smaller parts.

    Importing into a new project worked!! [Of course.] I guess I just needed a new perspective on the problem - and YOU had it! Much appreciated.

  5. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Glad to help. The import function is a great time saver/problem solver. One of the best features they added to Logic 9 IMHO.

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