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Logic 9 Transfering comments

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Bob Vieira, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Bob Vieira

    Bob Vieira New Member

    I have been on Logic from the C-Lab days, so I have "time on the farm," but I still can't figure out why my old comments on Logic/Apple files don't transfer. I assume it is because Apple was stupid enough to eliminate pre-OSX comments and force everybody to use Spotlight. But the 2 utilities I've used to xfer the comments don't find the old comments in my OS9 files. And those comments are (were?) my way of organizing 250+ files for a show by tagging them with act/scene, etc. Thanks for any recommendations for comment transfer utilities that will actually see my old comments on my (dare I say it) v. 4 LAMP. I now run Logic 8. Best,
    Bob Vieira
    game composer and logic lover
  3. Jay Asher

    Jay Asher Senior member

    OSX was introduced 15 years ago. It is not realistic to expect backwards compatibility to last forever, in my opinion.

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