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Logic X Transform window

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by royboy1117, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. royboy1117

    royboy1117 New Member

    Does anyone have a template for transforming note velocities to CC Data, i.e., #7-volume? I have worked with the transform window, and I just cannot seem to be able to wrap my mind around it. Thank you in advance for any/all help.
  3. Billious

    Billious Member

    I haven't got a template, but…

    - All note pitches become a fixed CC value of 7
    - Select only velocities of 1 to 127

    Haven't got the program open right now, but I think that should do it.
  4. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    You can create a new user set from the Transform window's menu. This shows all parameters and and you configure them for your needs. But you will lose your notes, they get transformed to CCs. However, you can work on a duplicate of your notes region on another track, transform there to CCs and get them editable by MIDI Draw. The latter is necessary, at least I assume that the values and their scaling are not exactly as you like them.

    If you just want to know how to configure a Velocity-to-CC function, you can use the screenshot below. It is from an Environment Transformer but the Transform window looks pretty much the same.

    CC7 does no longer work for volume in Logic unless you set it in the preferences (see below). If you want to control the volume fader of a channel strip, convert to "Fader 7" instead of "CC 7".

    So far I've seen, ignoring Velocity 0 in the Transform window (see below) does not work in my release (Logic Pro 10.2.0). You have to delete the value 0 events after the transformation. For example via the event list.


    Another method: If you want to control a volume fader by velocity values of another track, you can can use the Logic Environment and cable a Transformer between two channelstrips. But you may not be happy with the CC values. Most likely you need a scaling function or an expression curve or both (for both you need two Transformers). Or you draw your own map in the mapping area of the Transformer (select "Use Map" in the last function menu).

    A linear transformation with scaling option looks like this:


    Only note events should go through

    Conditions (upper row):
    Status – Work only on notes (this is redundant to "Mode" and not really necessary)
    Channel – don't care
    Pitch – don't care
    Velocity – Take any velocity except note off (Velocity 0)

    Operations (lower row):
    Parameter #1 – change Note to Fader events (or to CC if you don't control a channelstrip)
    Parameter #2 – MIDI Channel 1
    Parameter #3 – controller number 7
    Parameter #4 – convert to fixed value, scaled, expression, range, manual map, whatever you like.
    Filter duplicate events – Yes. You don't want series of identical values coming out.

    In the screenshot I named the Transformer "Note–>CC7" but actually transformed to the Logic internal "Fader" events. This is necessary since a while, volume faders do no longer react to CC7 unless you set this in the preferences (File >> Project settings >> MIDI >> Miscellaneous)


    Comparison of the two methods:

    The Transformer window changes the events permanently and afterwards they are editable via MIDI Draw (= "region automation") or in the event list. Once you have the Fader events in your region, you can convert region automation to track automation (main menu "Mix >> Convert automation")

    The Environment transformer is an Environment object and works on the MIDI stream almost in realtime. You can always adjust or replace it, combine with other objects or control it via MIDI.
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    It is not a hard task however you need at least two Transform Presets, because the Note OFF messages can not be conditioned though I have set proper Velocity Conditions in the 1st Preset (see image 1).
    My 1st Preset is set to Mode: Apply Operations to selected Events. This Mode will transform all Note events into CC7. If you want to keep the Note Events, then click the Mode menu and choose "Copy events..." something like that. This way you will create CC7 events and keep the Note Events.


    As I mentioned before Logic protects the Note OFF messages and transforms them into CC7 (value 0).
    You have to create another Transform preset which deletes all CC7 (Value 0) events.
    IMPORTANT: The MIDI Region(s) must be selected in the Main Window and you press "Select & Operate" Transform button.



    Last edited: Oct 27, 2015
  6. Maxu

    Maxu New Member


    Awesome advice!

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