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Logic 9 UA Apollo + Line 6 Pod HD

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by TerryReis, May 28, 2012.

  1. TerryReis

    TerryReis New Member

    First time poster here some advice would be appreciated.

    Just getting back into recording after a 12-year absence my current setup includes a UA Apollo Quad, which is blowing me away (but remember it has been longer than a decade since I last recorded digital).
    I am going to add a guitar preamp, probably a Line 6 Pod HD that will also operate as an audio interface via usb or I’m guessing you can select for it not to.
    It appeals to me to take the audio from the pod straight into logic avoiding D/A conversions and then A/D conversion.
    But is this a bad idea ?
    Will two audio interfaces blow logic’s mind?
    Will it see both interfaces and list the inputs?
    I will only want the audio to go back out through the Apollo.
    Whilst enjoying getting back into it and getting my head round logic, I am becoming aware of how flakey it can be if mistreated.
    Probably too much to ask that anyone has direct experience of these two working together but is two audio interfaces asking for trouble?

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


  3. bambony

    bambony Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Terry and welcome

    You can use multiple devices quite easily using the aggregate devices feature of OSX - Google info to help you here. Some people worry about the word clock issues but I've never struggled to get multiple devices to work unless there were issues with the device itself. Alternatively you can DI straight in via the Apollo and use Logic's pretty impressive amp modelling technology. If you were thinking of buying the pod this might save you some cash and may well work better!


  4. TerryReis

    TerryReis New Member

    Many thanks for the reply and good advice. You are right I should spend a bit more time with Logic's offerings before shelling out on hardware.

    This is one of the basics I'm still not quite used to.



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