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Logic 9 Ultrabeat and chaining patterns together

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by enfermo, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. enfermo

    enfermo New Member

    Hello I am using Ultrabeat in 1/32 resolution mode and make 4/4 music. Unfortunately when you do this you decrease its pattern size by making it go from 2 bar loop to 1 bar loop in 4/4. This sucks to me and I would love it if I could work in 1/32 resolution mode and actually have Ultrabeat be able to make 4 bar pattern loop or at least a 2 bar pattern loop.
    I know you can switch from one pattern to another and this is a way to hear a pattern that I have made followed by another, therefore letting me hear 2 patterns run together in a 2 bar loop. I know one way is to drag and drop patterns into edit arrange window. This is no good though because this take away the power of Ultrabeat editing. For instances I drag drop 2 patterns into arrange. I listen and dont like a kick or want to add a high hat. Well I can go to the pattern in Ultrabeat and change it, but it wont change the loop that has already been dragged in the arrange window. I know you can edit the piano roll but then you dont have control over the sound editing Ultrabeat has.
    I know you can switch patterns in Ultrabeat with "pattern mode" on and use a midi trigger. Thats cool but kind of annoying. I hope whoever reads this can understand that I just want Ultrabeat to be able to switch from one pattern to another on its own, that way I can add/remove/synthesis drums on the fly while creating a beat in a 4 bar loop. I guess I am asking Ultrabeat to have its own sequencer or chain mode.
    Does this exist? I am switching from a motif and mpc type of drum pattern making. I always make a drum beat in a 4 or 2 measure loop.
  3. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Senior member

    I'd like to know if this is possible too.

    Sorry, I know that doesn't help you but I have had similar frustration before.
  4. enfermo

    enfermo New Member

    Cool. I am not alone:D
  5. enfermo

    enfermo New Member

    Wow nobody else has anything to add?:errr:
  6. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    Hello guys

    I would love to know about some pattern switching techniques for jamming and recording an arrangement on the fly if you know any?Hardware,software etc


  7. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi guys,
    You can create a "Touch Tracks" Environment object, drag the UB patterns into the Arrange, edit them and use each custom/edited region with the Touch Tracks on the fly.
  8. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    Hi Tangra,thanks for the reply.

    Have you any tutorials on this method.I would like to get some sort of session going like the one in Abletons session view. Essentially I want to create my different sections and then do a live jam flicking from section to section and record it.I then want to be able to go into my recorded jam and be able to individually edit each track with maximum flexibility.I have used the pattern switching in Ultrabeat, but when I did the live jam assigning different patterns to different keys,the sections come out as one midi note.Is there a work around that? I want say 10 different patterns with ten of the same drum parts on separate tracks,different fx on all the tracks or bussed fx.I then want to jam between sections applying fx and recording the lot.Then I can then go into a recorded random arrangement and make fine tweeks, like rearranging the drum hits and automation for fx for fills and other creative reasons.This way I get maximum flexibility.I would also like different synths as well for different sections that I can also automate as I jam.Does this make sense? I have heard that this may be possible in Battery 3..

    I am open to suggestions for software/hardware that would give me this desired effect.
  9. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Tutors, me ? :D
    Not specially but let's see if I know a little bit about the Environment...
    I just created a special Environment setup shown in the image below, where you can trigger the Ultra Beat Patterns via the Logic Touch Tracks object and record live the actual midi notes which are outgoing from the UB.
    You can improvise with the triggering etc. I applied a transformer which bypasses the C1-F1 notes to the TT (you can change that). The idea is you can play manual bass with your right hand and it will be recorded onto the UB track as well.
    You can use the Cable switcher (controlling it via CC12) and switch to that setup when you need that. I have exported a demo video plus Logic template - get it from the download link below.
    BTW: You can edit the UB Patters after you drag them onto the Arrange.
    You can go to the Logic Settings => Recording and enable the "Autodemix by midi channell.." which will switch Logic into a Multiplayer mode. You have to assign the Instrument tracks to unique midi channel (1-16 for each one) and arm the all track you want to play/record live.
    In this scenario you need a few external controllers or to switch the midi channels to trigger the different instruments. After you stop Logic, the all data will be autodemixed to the corespondent instrument. Another scenario is if you own a special Environment Midi Channel Switcher. I have published a Logic Demo Template - here. Read this post and try it.

    Another scenario is my upcoming Logic X Midi FX Channel Switcher PRO Toolkit (you have to update in that case).
    This toolkit is designed for massive multichannel instrument switching plus switching the EXS24 articulations on the fly via up to 8 switching methods such as Key Switches, Program Change, Performance Speed, Control Change, Pattern (round robing step sequencing), by Name etc. Imagine you have 16 EXS24 tracks Orchestral Template where each Instrument offers 6-7 articulations (that means 16x6 = 96 tracks). You can run Logic in Recording Cycle mode for example and play the midi using one keyboard only, switch to any Instrument and its articulation on the fly, which will be recorded as it is - what you say ?:)

    Logic Touch Tracks Recording Template & VIDEO - DOWNLOAD

  10. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    WOW! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible guidance.I will try some of this out and get back to you as soon as I can.I think this will help a multitude of people better their music making style to have more fun.Respect!

    Best regards

  11. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    Hey Tangra,thanks for the tutorial it is edging me closer to my perfect work flow.

    I would of liked to set this up myself to understand what's happening more, but the cursor keeps going off the page and I can't see where it's going.I have loaded up the template now and have been having a mess around.Very good indeed.Having all the midi there to play with is exactly what I want.Now how do I get the different drum hits in my channel mixer so I can jam with all my effects too.I would then like to go in and pick out my favourite bits and edit my automation.

    Thank you again Tangra this is brilliant.

    All the best Scott
  12. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi Scott,
    Nothing special with the cursor video disappearance - it goes to the Inspector and renames the selected UB regions to UB A, UB B etc so you can have unique region names for the TT later.
    Right click the newly UB recorded region and select MIDI -> Separate by Note Pitch or use the correspondent Key Command (see the image below).
    In this scenario you will demix the midi region by note pitch and Logic will create new tracks for each drum pad.
    EDIT: If do not want to demix the midi and do audio processing of each UB drum pad, then load UB as a Multi output instrument and route each drum pad to a given Aux to be able to apply different FX etc.

    Attached Files:

  13. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    Hello Tangra

    I have set everything up as in the template but when I hit record,a pattern from UB plays straight away.without me even touching a key.When I hit the keys to do my jam everything is playing,switching and recording,but all under this random pattern that just plays from the offset.Please can you help me resolve this?

    Would it be easier if I saved my project and sent it to you so you could open it up and have a look for yourself. If so could you recommend me a site or program to do this please.

    Thank you

  14. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi Scott,
    I suspect that the UB pattern sequencer is ON that's why when you run Logic it syncs and plays some phantom pattern. Switch it OFF - you do not need it. The previous UB (TT) sequences will feed the UB via the TT so UB must behave as a sound module in our scenario - we do not need its internal Pattern sequencer.
    If you still have any problems, provide that Logic song to me to have a look what's going wrong.
  15. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    Hello Tangra I was wondering if you could help me out please.

    I am using toggle loop in free mode and I'm getting some very sloppy responses from TT.This doesn't seem to be a latency issue with my controller either as I have tried the caps lock keys to jam and it still happens.If you try to jump from loop to loop quickly it just doesn't respond well at all.I have simplified my set up in the environment and took a pic to show you what my set up is.It's not my set up though as I went into your template and changed it to toggle loop/free and it still happens.I'm not talking super fast jamming just a couple of 1/4 - 1/16 bar fills and stuff.

    Best regards

  16. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I'm away of my Logic but I feel you are doing wrong. Do not try to change the "toggle" mode. Change the right column "Start" or what else there which behaves as "Input Quantize"... As far as I remember I set some input quantize "Start" in my template to 1/4 or 1/16 just to keep the TT with the host sync etc.
  17. Scott Mckinley

    Scott Mckinley New Member

    Thanks for the reply Tangra,much appreciated.

    I have used the exact settings on your template and it still happens when I try to do short fills.

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