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Logic 8 Ultrabeat drum track composition

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by had had, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. had had

    had had New Member


    I am experimenting with ultrabeat. I would like to build a drum track as the basis for building a tune upon. I have a drum style in mind. At present I am not too concerned with drum sounds or mix. I am interested in how people prefer to build drum tracks. I am figuring that I may need to use separate sequence elements featuring motifs and patterns and layer them in order to achieve variety and texture. Maybe starting with a simple beat consisting of one or two sounds and then copying this on to the next sequence and adding more to it, etc. There dont seem to be enough available sequences in one ultrabeat kit to get too much diversity.

    Or have gone barking mad...again!?
  3. ibt

    ibt New Member

    Ultrabeat has 24 possible sequences available between C-1 and B0, when you enable Pattern Mode.
  4. deanglover

    deanglover New Member

    sflogicninja or whatever he's called has a good few youtube tutorials on ultrabeat... theres a few ways to do it, but more often than not i find myself just playing them in with my MIDI controller

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