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Logic 9 Ultrabeat editing causes CPU spikes

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by charlie, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I was working on a fairly large project recently (well, for me it was kinda "large," lots of VI's and audio tracks w tons of effects, AU plug-in processors & automation mapped on many of the tracks. It was a bit taxing even on my Dual Core Quad... But, everything did play. :thmbup:
    I noticed in this project, that every time I double-clicked the Ultrabeat track (in order to) open up the midi hyper-editor window, one or a few of my cores would just start climbing. :confused:
    I would begin editing my Ultrbeat midi notes; moving, deleting etc and that would just send the CPU core to max out! :eeek:
    As to be expected, this would lead to that familiar crackling break-up of my audio upon playback, the kind of crackle you associate with an overloaded CPU core. :mad:
    The thing that seemed to "cure it," was quitting Logic and re-starting it again.

    I could duplicate the problem again sometimes by double-clicking to open the Ultrabeat Hyper Editor and literally moving ONE note, a crash cymbal sound lets say, to a different bar.
    Immediately, one core would spike and I could barely play down my project.

    I didn't worry too much about this in that particular project but now I see it happening in "new" projects (or, I should say, songs I begin from my own created templates.) :errr:

    Has anyone had issues editing notes in Ultrabeat and having it affect system performance in Logic?
    I am happy to provide any info lacking here.

  3. Pands

    Pands New Member

    Just a small comment here (and I am on a lower version of Logic, and just a Dual 1.25GHz). I've also experienced the "crackling break-up" before, but in EXS24. I seem to remember that I only had to close the song, not actually quit Logic, to get back to normal. Still not sure what the cause of this phenomenon is. Didn't seem to be a terribly CPU-taxing scenario.

    Well, as I say, just a minor contribution here. Sorry I can't be of more help at the moment.

  4. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Hey Peter, thanks for the input. I believe I tried this but for my issue I had to actually quit Logic (in which Logic dumps what it has in RAM and the OX generally purges the memory allocated with that program.)
    I'm going on a limb here and calling this a bug.
    I say that because my system is not terribly taxed until I go into the hyper-editor window and start clicking & dragging notes (while Logic is NOT playing, btw.)
    If I do not touch Ultrabeat, the CPU meter looks normal.

    Might your issue be RAM related? You were a little light on detail with the EXS issue.
    Were you editing in the hyper-window too when you overloaded or was it just generally playing back? Did the problem clear up if you Froze the tracks?
    I'm curious.

    Thanks for writing though! I appreciate any advice.
  5. Pands

    Pands New Member

    Actually I THINK this was on my G4 450, Logic Pro 6.4.3, OS 9.2.2, with a plentiful RAM of 1.5 Gig, which is loads in that old OS. Seems unlikely that my issue would be RAM related. All this happened occasionally, while in the EXS24 editor, just auditioning different sounds, when out of the blue the crackle started, (or perhaps multiple simultaneous instances of the same hit? Kinda like that). As mentioned, this is probably a far cry from your situation. Sorry to hear you're actually having to Quit and relaunch. Hope you'll get some more helpful input!


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