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Logic 8 Unexplained bad behavior

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by GLEA, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. GLEA

    GLEA New Member

    Can anyone give me some advice about this problem:

    I opened a project from a few years ago in Logic Pro 8. I wanted to expand this film cue into a full song. I copied the file to work on. I moved some elements farther down the time line, to use later and set up to record some audio. The current track is a drum loop and five software instrument tracks, nothing complicated, about 40 seconds long.

    When I started to record, none of the existing audio would play back, though I had just listened to it and made changes. Nothing was soloed or muted. I tried closing the file, restarting my G5 etc. I copied the project again, and got the play back. After a couple of takes, I realized I needed to move the drum loops around to make more time for the verse. As soon as I did that play back stopped again. I undid my dragging and audio returned. I tried it again, with the same results. I copied the drums onto a new track, and was able to make the changes with out the fault.

    I've had playback stop before for no apparent reason. Usually closing the project will cure that. What do you think?
  3. bobdemaa

    bobdemaa Senior member

    Track automation?
  4. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I don't know if this applies in your situation, but there is/was a nasty bug where projects started in earlier versions sometimes open with the metronome/click channel strip set to solo mode. You need to set your track mixer view to "all" and then you'll be able to see it and verify if this is the culprit.
  5. GLEA

    GLEA New Member

    I'll check that. It's a drag that I can't drag loops or chunks midi data. I can copy and paste... :thmbup:
  6. GLEA

    GLEA New Member

    I just gave up and moved the midi and audio to a new project. Seems ok now. The final straw was not being able to preview loops... I"m sure the problem was because it was done on an older version of Logic Express, if I remember correctly

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