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Logic 9 Unknown SysEx Data

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by orcasound, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    When I record MIDI tracks - I am getting a fairly consistent sysex message - regardless of what channel I am recording on - the Events window is showing that the Sysex Message has a value of "51" and is located on MIDI Channel "0" ??? - I didnt know there was a MIDI channel 0.
    Also - if I watch the MIDI monitor in the transport window - I can see the message X1 0-0 - it continually blinks even when I am not recording - ...
    I know that I can filter out the sysex messages in the Events list - and its not effecting playback.... I just dont know what it is .. and I'd like to find oout where its coming from.

    any ideas.

    I am using an axiom 25, and a studio logic 88 as midi controllers in the control room - my main MIDI interface is a MOTU MTP A/V - I am training myself on Logic moving from DP - and its these little frustrating things - that I'd like to figure out. - Note this problem does not exist while running DP.

  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I am pretty sure that this comes from a MIDI controller and is an "active sense" message. Or a substitute for that. Through this messages controllers tell the world that they are alive.

    You can filter the message in the Logic environment, between the physical input and the sequencer input. Or, if you don't need something else from this particular port, block it by attaching a monitor object.

    If you want to know who sends the message, install MidiMonitor.
  4. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Peter is quite correct. I have 2 hardware synth modules which send active sensing requests continually. (Korg 01R/W & Yamaha EX5R)

    I use Unitor 8's which allow one to filter out these messages at the MIDI patchbay level. Maybe your MOTU can do this too?

    You definitely don't want this sysex appearing in Logic all the time......
  5. Petrosil

    Petrosil Member

    Are you sure that what you receive is SysEx? Would you mind to post a screenshot of your Event List containing such events? It would be useful to enable the "Additional Info" view before taking the screenshot. This way we possibly can identify the unit that is sending the messages.
    SysEx doesn't contain any channel information at all. The string is just using the Event Lists column layout for channel related messages.
    That one for example can send it's setups via SysEx.


  6. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    Guys - thanks so much for your input.
    I'm going to head into the studio tonight so that I can get a screen shot to post here -

    Peter, in terms of filtering things out in the Environment window... (I am moving from DP after 20 years (since it was just... 'P'), just bought Logic in Aug, and prepare to switch "officially" over by Q1 2010.) - Frankly, that Environment thing scares the hell out of me.... I was really hoping not to go there.... MIDI Monitor, I will surely try. Also for what its worth, I've never had this issue crop up in DP.... so that what is really confusing me. - I've changed nothing.

    also note, on Peter and Colin's comment - re the external MIDI gear being the culprit - that this sysex message is present and is recorded regardless of whether I am recording on a software instrument or an external midi track -

    Also, I did forget to mention that I also have mackie control surfaces 1 MCU and 2 XT's - hooked up as well. I am not sure if that wold make a difference, but it seems odd, that I've never had this type of issue until now.

  7. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    Unknown Sysex Data - SOLVED

    Thanks Peter's suggestions ...I downloaded the trusty ol' MIDI Monitor and ran it - right away it showed me the Sysex messages were coming from a little MOTU Micro Express - that I had bought used last summer - just to give me some xtra MIDI channels for my outboard FX... - I hit Panic on the microlite - and it seemed to do the trick.
    for now.... I will see if it re-occurs but at least for now, I know the culprit.
    I wasskeptical about buying that unit - it was fairly old - and it looked a bit squirly - my MTP A/V has been rock solid for the last 8 years.
    Thanks for everyone's suggestions and support
    Now back to learning "logic" - Soon I'll be saying goobye to a long run with my friends at MOTU

    I swear I had a version of that MIDI monitor - on my IIci ... has it been around that long??

    orca sound
  8. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Unlikely unless you used your IIci that long. MIDI Monitor started in November 2001.

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