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Up-sampling in Logic

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Antiphones, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Antiphones

    Antiphones Member

    If I have audio files which are 44.1 KHz 24bit and I am processing them in Logic with various plugins. The end result needs to be 88.2 KHz or 96 KHz 24bit.

    My question is, am I better off bouncing to 44.1 24 KHz and then using dedicated software like RX4 to up-sample or should I up-sample when bouncing from Logic?

    I'm guessing that none of Logic's hi res internal processing is going to translate through into a higher sampling frequency.

    Thanks for any help.
  3. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Senior member

    I usually prefer to change the Logic project to 96 kHz and transform its audio files (right-click files in the file list and chose "Copy/Convert Files". Then I do the bounce-down to 96 kHz. I've found that this gives a better sounding result if a lot of processing and software instruments is happening during playback, as Logic's internal processes are carried out at the higher digital resolution (compared to running the project and bouncing from 44.1kHz and after that convert the mix file to 96 kHz).

    There is one down-side though: the increased CPU demand. On some big projects I can hardly run playback at 96kHz. It can be "fiddly" and time consuming to keep both 48 and 96 versions of the same projects in case you realise when at the 96 stage that you need to do some extra re-mixing. In that situation I go back to the 48 version and do the remixing, delet the 96 version and export the remixed 48 version to a new 96 version (included used audio files) so I can render the final mix file from there.

    But as said, it's all about the nature the specific projects. Some piece sound just as good at 41.1. Doing both and listen to the difference is a good way to learn and be able to make faster decisions in the future.
  4. Antiphones

    Antiphones Member

    Thanks Per. Yes that's a good thought, I have heard that some plugins work better at higher sample rates. I will try converting the original audio files to 88.2 and see if that sounds better in Logic.

    I have read that sample rate conversion is a hard thing to do well so I think I will use RX4 for that. I'll also move to 88.2 instead of 96 as the conversation will be cleaner from 44.1 to 88.2. Also I work normally at 88.2 as it is cleaner to go down to 44.1 if the destination is CD (96 is better for film where the destination is 48).

    Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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