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Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by Nuevo, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Hello, I have been looking to upgrade, wonder if I can get some advice..
    I want to get an 8 core Mac and upgrade to LP9 on the new system while keeping my old setup so I can still work while getting the new setup together, get acquainted w/9, get all my plugs crossed over, etc...Ive been doing research for my plugs, and the performance of the newer Macs... everything appears to be ok to make the switch to it appears that I cannot find a new Mac w/out Snow...

    Is there anywhere I might be able to find a new Mac that has 10.5.x instead of Snow? Either Snow came out too soon, or I took a little too long to make the jump..but Im at the point where Im going to upgrade.

    Im running G5 2.5/6GB/LP7.2.3/FF800. I got the ok for almost all of my plugs as long as I run the most recent updates, but people are a bit unsure of Snow.

    Great site, thanks, A.
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    I expect that it may still be possible to find Macs with OSX 10.5 in some Apple dealers, even if the Apple store is now selling models exclusively with Snow Leopard already installed.

    With regard to Plugins, perhaps this list will be of some help to you:

    Snow Leopard is running well here on a 2007 Dual Quad 3.0, the only thing preventing me switching to it and moving on from 10.5.8 is the lack of a driver for the TC Powercore.

    kind regards

  4. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Hey thanks the way, are u the same admin that had Logic
    Your equipment looks familiar..I used to be on there, but its not there anymore...Since coming back to LUG, it has a whole new look...Thanks again.

    Regards, A.
  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    You're welcome, and well spotted, yes, I looked after together with horselesspaul, it was the sister forum of When we revamped the LUG, Tim Heidler and I agreed that it would make sense to close

    Glad you found us :)

    kind regards

  6. ibt

    ibt New Member

  7. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Thx ibt....
  8. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member


    If you can find someone with a Mac Pro that used a Mac OD 10.5.6 installer disc for the Mac Pro, you can use this to revert to 10.5 from 10.6. Done it here in LA a few times now.

    George Leger III
  9. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Thx George...ibt's link was u guys notice a big improvement going from the G5 to 1 of the newer intelmacs? 1 of the reasons Im looking at doing an upgrade is to run newer more cpu intensive plugs. Most of mine run great on the G5, but I notice the East West stuff, especially PLAY are really cpu hogs and really slo down my workflow.
  10. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Well I have a bit of an unusual Mac... google the word "EFix" to find out more. Any yea, the intel is way better than the G5. Plus LP9 is intel only. A good way to go.

    George Leger III
  11. jlproductions

    jlproductions Member

    A lot of the macs being sold out there I think still have Leopard on them and include the SL disc. At least that is the way mine came three weeks ago. ask...
  12. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Thanks jl, worth a look if I can get out of the studio..

    Any feedback on the difference between the 4 and 8 core macs??
  13. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    4 core max ram is 8 gig, the 8 core is 32. and the 6 VS 8 core thing. The 4 core runs faster than the 8 core, but with less power.

    George Leger III
  14. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    So let me ask, is the 4 core better for running intense plugs than the 8? I ask a lot of questions, I know, but what better way to find something out...I did a lot of investigating between the old G5 2.3 and 2.5 b4 I got the 2.5....and I still really like it. Its those subtle things I look for...Thks George.
  15. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Well one way to look at is it this: the most amount of cpu a plug can access is 1. So the faster the cpu the better, on the other hand, the more cpus you have (4 vs 8) the more power you have in the end to use with the plugins.

    It's not that cut and dried.

    My practical experience... a new 4 core is pretty great. And much cheaper. BTW Vienna Symphonic have done research. Apple only supports 8 gig of ram, they have found 16 will work just fine.

    George leger III
  16. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Not all of my plugs are that cpu nutz..the ones that give me the most fits are MOR Play, StormDrum also....Miroslav, but not bad although I only use that to track test stuff. I was thinking of adding a few more East/West products, and those are mostly PLAY now, so they "should" run better even on a 4 core. Other than that, I have no real probs w/the G5/FF800 always, the quest for new sounds continues....
  17. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    I have found a few macs, think I could still get 1 w/out snow..the quad is reasonable and much closer to the budget...
  18. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Aha grasshopper, the older quad does 16 gb mem, while the newer does 8????
  19. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Ok George, now I understand..there are users out there that are running 16 in the new quads although mac supports 8...
  20. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Hey, ok, so I did get a new Quad, I found 1 w/10.5.6 I think it is, not snow...although mac rep did put in a sl disk...I am going to order LP9 upgrade, so I'll be on the 10.5.6 and LP v9 b4 I start doing anything else...except memory and sata additions, b4 I install LP...
    Any advice you guys can give me at this stage of the process is apptd, as I think the hdd max for this machine is 8 TB's (SATA) total all 4 bays, and 8GB mem..which is interesting because I keep reading on the net about people putting 16 in these machines...Once I get it running, then I will start dealing w/the plugs...I think I can upgrade the 10.5.6 to 10.5.8? Not sure, not there yet, trying to find mem local (haha) but I think BB has the sata drives I need, WD is what Ive been using, and I have 1 lacie ext on my G5.
    Thank you for your advice and help, it is apptd always.
  21. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    The people who run VSL (the big Vienna Symphonic sample library) have tested a current 4 core with 16 gig of ram and give it the ok.

    What is the size of the SL "disc"?

    As for install suggestions: Hardware and audio interface 1st, Logic second, AUs 3d.

    George Leger III

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