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Logic 9 Upgrading Logic 8 to Logic 9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Howie Roxx, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Hello LUG,

    I have finally had enough of the crashes in Logic 8 (years worth) and have succumbed to upgrading to Logic 9. (It will be arriving next week) I was holding out for a Logic 10 but I have not heard any news. Some say that Logic 9 is good enough and no need for a Logic 10.

    I do see that Apple is releasing a new OS this Summer "LION" (maybe, based on the announcement of other OS releases 'Snow Leopard' ~ "LION" will be delayed).

    I am looking for advise from the group on the possible snares when upgrading to Logic 9 from Logic 8. Any help from the group will be much appreciated to make for a reasonably 'safe/trouble-free' transition. I hope, I hope... What will I gain and what will I lose in the upgrade, aside for all of the new features in Logic 9.

    This group is the best,

    A fellow musician-recording enthusiast,

  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I can't think of any "snares". L8 as not so good, L9 is streets ahead. I can't think of anything you will lose.
  4. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Yea, Pete is right, LP8 sucked big time (in my humble opinion). I personally had nothing but issues with it. LP9 is more stable, seems easier to use, love the new stuff, and crashes less.

    Be sure to trash all your old prefs and make new ones before you start would be a good idea, that way you are building on a solid foundation.
    Good luck,
  5. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Hello George

    Just a point of clarification. the Logic prefs are located where, directory location? When I delete them, won't Logic 9 create new prefs during the installation? I don't to sound like a 'Bozo', but I do not want to create more problems because I misunderstood your direction.


  6. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    No problems...

    The reason I suggest the removal and creation of new prefs is that sometimes a corrupted preference file can cause allot of issues.

    Here's where they live:
    user folder>library>preferences>

    FYI the > arrow means open to the next folder...

    The files you want to trash (or move to the desktop, a safer solution just in case)

    com.apple.logic.pro.cs (control Surfaces pref)
    com.apple.logic.pro (main app prefs)
    com.apple.logic.pro.LSSharedFileList (Not sure what this one is..)

    One other thing: you might want to make a new template file. Creat a new file, and then do things like: set sample rate, add a few tracks (1 usually do 1 audio and 1 VI track),

    The save as template when you feel you are done.

    one thing: are you recording to your internal disc? If so, a warning: I was doing this in the past with my MBP and one day turned on my Mac to discover it wouldn't boot. It seemed like it would just hang, and nothing, no OS, etc. I took it in to a repair shop (still being under Apple care way back then) and was told that my directory had been completely corrupted. It took a disc reformat and reinstall and I was up and running again, but from then on I took a 500 gig, 7200 RPM disc with me at all times for recording, and haven't had a reoccurrence since.

    Now, if you had told me this could happen I would have called you a lier, or at least thought of you an an uneducated computer user. In the end I was the idiot who got caught and lost all that data (as well as the time it took to load my music, movies, documents, etc). Because it was only a few weeks old, I had a backup, BUT iI hadn't done an incremental back up yet, so all the songs and ideas I was working on were lost.

    So there you go, a simple warning. Hope I didn't traumatize you too much ;-))

    Good luck...
  7. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Wow... thanks for all of the details.

    Yes I have been recording to my Samsung 640 gig 7200 rpm internal drive. I have an older MBP 2007 and I am on my third drive. The previous two drives got corrupted. And yes I was recording all of my music projects on the internal drives. (The last corruption really frosted my a*s. I lost a number of projects that are gone forever @#&%!) I have a 2TB USB drive that I am using for Time Machine Back-ups. That 2TB drive is supposed to 'save my bacon' if I have a drive failure. I wonder if the previous two drives failed on me in the past were just due to saving all of my Logic files on the internal drive.

    On your 500 gig external drive are you using USB or firewire between your MBP and the external drive for music projects?

    I am somewhat frustrated with Apple. I love my MBP and Logic when they work flawlessly, (most of the time they do) but when they stab me in the back and lose projects, the love is diminished.

    Also my digital video out port quit sending video signal to my 21" external video monitor about two months ago. In exploring the Mac forums I read that it is a pretty common failure on 2007 -2008 MBP notebooks. Mine is out of warranty and I never got to take advantage of the 'Apple Care' waranty that I paid for. It had expired. Any thoughts?

    Thank you for your time an d help,

    Howie :)
  8. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Yea, I have been lucky with my video. I had talked to an apple tech once who went into great detail about the video issue, just as it was starting to show up, and he suggested that i be ready for it to happen, but so far so good.

    Yes, I record all my stuff to an external FW drive and keep some of my samples on the internal drive (which is also a 500 gig 7200 rpm drive I put in after my warranty lapsed).
    Works like a charm, other than the computer simply not having enough poser, but hey, I used to record on a Mac G4 with 1.5 gig or ram doing record, and loved it, so my laptop is a huge step up.

    She's also getting a little long in the tooth, so a new Mac Pro is in the cards, especially since they are going with fast i7 chips and hyper threading...

    Yea, I would bet money the reason your drives went was the recording thing.. mine wasn't destroyed, only irretrievably messed up and required a reformat before it would work again. I was dumb struck when I found this out. Doesn't really make sense but the repair guy was very certain about it, and due to the fact that, while I might have owned allot of macs over the years, he most likely saw more in a day or week than the entire amount I ever owned (today that is 22 Macs so far... and my monstertosh, but that is an entirely different story).

    As for my time and help, I'm always happy to assist if I can... working on making the karma points. Who ever has more in the end wins a more fulfilled life, right ;-)
  9. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member


    I was able to reformat those older drives, but that was not much consolence to the lost projects. Sure you can redo any project, but somehow it is never the same, the original muse is like Gold. I still have the failed drives, reformatted them, store date and retrieve data from them now and then. What firewire external drive are you using? It is a 3.5 and not a 2.5 drive? I assume. They make these drives inexpensive and cheap so which mfg are you using?

    I think that over the course of 25 years I have used them all on either a PC or a Mac.

    And yes, the one with the most Karma will receive the most Karma... or something like that :)

  10. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Logic 9 is nothing but an improvement over Logic 8. Apple overall did a very good job. Fixed way more than they broke and added some very useful features. And, there have been some very helpful updates to make it a pretty solid program overall.

    A few heads up: If you have Logic 8 and 9 on the same machine/user path, they will share the same key commands. Logic 8 project sometimes are a little buggy when opened in 9. You're gonna love Logic 9's import feature when dealing with corrupt projects and transferring them to a new project. Lastly, as already advised, create new templates for Logic 9, don't bring any over from Logic 8.
  11. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Hello Doug.

    Thank you for the advice. So, my old Logic 8 projects will need to be 'imported' into Logic9 not just 'opened' as if there was no difference in just opening a Logic 8 project?

    Logic 9 has to do a conversion first through a 'import' command? After the Logic 8 project is imported into Logic 9 and re-saved as a Logic 9 project then we are 'good to go'?

    I am hopeful that this will be somewhat of a 'no-brainer'.

  12. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member


    It's been some time since I've done this so my memory is a little rusty.

    I think Logic 9.0 had problems that have since been resolved or minimized with ensuing updates. There was sometimes an issue with simply taking a project started in Logic 8 and opening it in Logic 9 to continue to work. I really dealt with this on a project by project basis. If there was a problem, I used Logic 9's import features. What I think I did was create another project in Logic 9 and import from the first Logic 9 project to the new one (rather than go back to the Logic 8 project).

    Regardless of whether you experience this particular issue (in opening projects done in Logic 8 into Logic 9), you will have a corrupt project at some point and will use the import feature. But you'll also find it very useful to move audio and MIDI tracks, channel strips, settings, etc. from project to project. It's a very nice feature.
  13. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    Hello Doug,

    Thank you for your help. It is very much appreciated.

    Have a great week.

  14. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Happy to help - do post back with any gremlins.
  15. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Actually, I haven't had many issues with Logic 8 to 9, BUT the Logic 7 to either 8 or 9 was a real mess. Apple redid the audio engine, and because of this there were a number of pretty bad issues that came up. I am constantly having to tell my clients to do like Doug says: any Logic 7 projects should be imported into a new Logic 9 project, or they can expect issues to crop up.

    So, that would be my warning (not to belittle Doug's, which I would also support, on a per project basis).
  16. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    George, you are such a diplomat! ;)
  17. Howie Roxx

    Howie Roxx Member

    The LUG Group is the BEST! :)


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