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Using Edrums as MIDI Controller w/out Module

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by emetalhead, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    So I was at the drum store yesterday, wasn't really looking for it specifically, but, long story short, I just bought an electronic snare drum without a drum module because the guys at the store said I could just use a 1/4" cable to hook the single drum up to my Profire 2626 via one of the instrument inputs and then use it to control sounds from sample instruments in Logic.

    I tried it out, but have had no luck. Am I using the wrong instruments in Logic? The wrong jack? Do I need a module? I really don't wanna have to buy a module...*sigh*
  3. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Hi, unfortunately if it's only the trigger you will need a module to convert the trigger signal into midi. It's a while since I've had to sort this kind of thing but Alesis have been making cheap drum modules for years and you should be able to pick up something like this (http://www.alesis.com/dm5) cheap on eBay etc

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  4. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    You can try DSP Trigger FREE

    If you want more features, get the full version.
  5. emetalhead

    emetalhead New Member

    Thanks! And sorry for the late response. Could you tell me what the "Mac AU" version refers to? I've tried both of the ones listed on the site, but they don't seem to work with Logic.
  6. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    My fault. The free version is not available for OSX, only Windows.

    But the full version does work in demo mode. 20 minutes in one go. I dont' remember if you have to restart Logic to continue or just remove the plugin and insert it again.

    For me DSP Trigger does not work in a Logic audio channelstrip (maybe because my software monitoring is off). But it works in an Aux. This is no problem and even better because Auxes do always play independently from a record status and they do not need software monitoring. You don't record your raw trigger signal anyway.

    Take an Aux channelstrip, set its input to the interface where your signal comes in. When you insert a DSP Trigger plugin there, it generates its own MIDI port and you may see this port in the physical input object (Environment, layer Click & Ports). You should also see incoming MIDI there. Since the events go to the sequencer by default, the MIDI events will reach any selected software instrument track.

    Due to the routing problems and occasional Midiport-shuffle in Logic it may be a better idea to load DSP Trigger in another AU host and just get the MIDI events in Logic. Bidule does it well for example, AULab should also work. I don't know why DSP Trigger is not available as a standalone program, this would be logical in my opinion.

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