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Logic 9 Using iMovie '11 with Logic 9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by dsw67, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    I need help please.

    I want to be able to import an mp3 file (rhythm track) into Logic and record a guitar part over it, all while filming it using iMovie '11. In the end I want to combine the audio and video together to post for friends on YouTube. I'm really not sure of the workflow on how to do this. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I am thinking that doing this all in one shot is not the way to go...
    I do not use FCP but would think there might be some cross-wiring going on in your computer by having Logic & an Edit system (both who have specific audio system configurations when open) running at the same time.

    There are various screen-capture programs out there that might enable capturing of what happens on the computer screen in real-time but I am not sure what you are going for.
    Are you simply wanting to record yourself performing along with the rhythm section?

    Am I crazy to suggest simply video-recording yourself (with a camera - without using FCP at this stage,) into Logic and then bouncing out your mix from Logic into a FCP project.
    Then import the video camera footage and marry/sync within FCP as after the fact?
    This is a typical workflow; to sync the footage to the performance audio track in post.

    Hope this helps but I am still unclear as to what the focal point of this video is. (ie; is it your performance or is it a vid on using Logic to record music, etc.)

    Good luck!
  4. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    Thanks for the help Charlie.

    Below is a video similar to what I'm looking to do. Somehow he's managed to record himself playing over a rhythm track (I don't think he's mic'ing both this playing and the backing track, but I could be wrong).

    **Update: Actually he's using a windows based setup**

    This is a jazz guitar study group where people post videos of themselves performing over pre-recorded samples. I would like to participate in the group.

    I'm not sure what FCP is. I keep thinking you mean Final Cut Pro.

  5. LeeTBTS

    LeeTBTS New Member

    My usual workflow for this, would be to use the osx inbuilt 'image capture' program (spotlight it), record with no audio at the same time as you run logic in record mode.

    To marry up the sync, just clap or do something at the beginning of your recording that would give you an audio/visual clue to set the sync up in imovie when you import the audio export from logic.
  6. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    Thanks LeeTBTS, but unfortunately all I have is the built in iSight Camera, and apparently image capture doesn't work with it.

    But, perhaps I can use the photo booth app instead.
  7. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Hey There,
    Just to clarify, I do in fact mean Final Cut Pro when saying FCP. :)
    The acronym is used in the pro editing field (I'm an editor by day.):thmbup:

    I guess I am just not sure what the best way to do this is "in the box" as suggested below.
    If all else fails, you could take inspiration from LeeTBTS and perhaps use a video camera to capture the video (not worrying about the sound the camera captures,) and record yourself "live" into Logic.
    Then, import the video footage into FCP along with a bounce-out of your recording for audio.
    Definitely "clap" once or twice at the head & tail of the performance to lock down your sync, and then trim away that footage to leave you with the performance by itself.
    This might sound a bit 'round-the-way, but it's a full-proof and professional way to do what you need done.

    Let us know how things go! :hippy:
  8. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    Thanks Charlie. I'd rather not have to shell out $299 for FCP, so I'll just have to keep working with iMovie and see how it goes.

    Thanks everyone!
  9. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Ha! My error! For whatever reason I thought you were using Final Cut to edit your project.
    For what you want to do, iMovie should be fine! :thmbup:
  10. LeeTBTS

    LeeTBTS New Member

    use quicktime, file -> new movie recording.

    I find it's usually better to use different software to capture the audio and video, then import the good takes in separately into your video editor.
  11. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    Ah, that works, thank you very much! :thmbup:

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