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Logic 8 Using USB Mic and iRig HD at same time...

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by iamjoshrogers, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. iamjoshrogers

    iamjoshrogers New Member

    Hi there,

    I am attempting to record some of the noise I have created over the past few years. I have got the following hardware and software on hand...

    MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite - 8GB RAM
    Logic Express 8 (I also have GarageBand)
    iRig HD + Cables
    AKG Perception 120 USB Condensor Microphone + Cables
    Shure SRH 440 Headphones
    Mic Stand
    Pop Shield

    I am trying to record an electro-acoustic Guitar, electro acoustic Uke and an acoustic Banjo.

    My plan was to record the instrument then the vocals separately with each track to enable more mixing ability, this has proved impossible thus far!

    SO, I plug in the AKG USB mic and the headphones, change input source to the mic on the mac, open logic, change input source in preferences to the AKG USB, create new track in mixer, enable Monitoring, try to record and there is no click track in the headphones or any live monitor. The track records and I can see the waves during playback but no sound in the headphones...

    I remove the AKG USB and the input sources change and then I can hear the headphones in playback...

    So at this point I would have to record the track without a monitor and then edit with the AKG USB mic removed. This is fine for a one take single Guitar/Vox track but if I record just guitar and then come to record vox track without the monitor what the hell am I supposed to work to???

    Very confused.

    Tried the iRig HD to try and record the Guitar alone directly, Logic does not even recognise its existence as an input. GarageBand uses it fine though...

    I then tried to record the guitar in GarageBand, bounce the file and open it in logic to record the goals over. Same problem with headphones when Mic is in use, no monitor so no idea what to sing to.

    ARGHH... :brkwl:

    I hope you see my issue?

    My ideal scenario is to be able to record the instrument via the iRig HD in one USB port at the same time as the AKG USB Mic in the second USB port (to capture a more ambient instrument sound) at the same time as being actually able to hear what is happening through the headphones at the same time.

    Is this just a completely unrealistic ask?

    As far as I can see if you can select indecent in put sources for indecent tracks there should be no issue! I have two USB slots so I should have the option for two separate inputs at once right? Maybe not, I am a total novice after all.

    PLEASE PLEASE if you can help put me out of my misery then I beg you for your assistance.

    If not then thanks for making it this far through this rant at least and sorry for wasting your time.

    All the best!

    JoSh. X :D

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