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Vienna 32 bit samples in EXSII in Logic X

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by songman, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. songman

    songman Member

    I know that Logic is 64 bit as far as VI's are concerned. I have always used the Vienna Symphonic Library (32 bit samples) with EXSII in Logic 7.2.3. I do not think the samples sound the same in Logic X. Does that make any sense, is also the bit-depth of samples affected by LogicX's64 bit architecture. Mind you everything plays, it's just that they sound different (I sometimes have the impression that there is an octave of difference!)

    Cheers, Bob.
  3. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    Sample Depth and software architecture ( 32 or 64 bit ) should not make any difference...
  4. songman

    songman Member

    Thanks yavuz, that is what I thought as well. Good to have it confirmed. I think my problem comes from the upgrade messing with the connections between certain samples and the instruments they are linked to. Many instruments play OK but several (mainly those in the performance folders of Vienna) show anomalies. I still have Redmatica's EXS manager but I am afraid to use it on such an extensive library, beings somewhat old in the tooth, I do not know if it still works correctly.

    Cheers, Bob.
  5. songman

    songman Member

    OK, I figured it out. Just go to the Vienna forum and you'll find what is the problem. The Vienna performance tool was left behind by Apple somewhere around v8-9. Great going Apple! Countless number of people, including me now, have seen their expensive 16bit Vienna libraries which use the performance tool become completely obsolete.
  6. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    It is indeed a real bummer that the VSL performance tool doesn't work in newer versions of Logic.

    However, in order to not lose your investment completely, check out the newer Vienna products (e.g. VI and VI Pro). As far as I recall, they always had an upgrade policy, where you got a big discount if you had existing sampler products.

    Not the solution you'd prefer, I'm sure, but the new VSL stuff is way better than the EXS sampler instruments.
  7. songman

    songman Member

    Well, fortunately it is not the complete library which is lost, only those instruments that use the performance tool, so anything with "perf" in the name is hopeless, all the rest sounds still OK.
  8. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    If I remember correctly, Vienna never ever got the performance tool working properly, I think they abandoned it when they brought out the Vienna instruments so the upgrade felt to me like they had you over a barrel if you wanted to use the library to its full potential
  9. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    You're probably right, but Vienna had to create their own plugin format. Otherwise they'd be stuck with always adapting to samplers e.g. EXS24, Kontakt etc and always being a step behind. In any case, the Vienna Instruments Pro plugin is excellent and was well worth upgrading to (in my mind anyway).
  10. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, it is very good and I agree it was a direction they had to ake, it's just that i would have been happier if the upgrade didn't cost as much as it did, given that in many ways it was fixing stuff that didn't work in the EXS version.

    I remember at one stage finding that there was a lot of out of phase stereo recording on the samples. I notified them via customer support, and the reply I got was kind of "oh well, most producers use these in mono so it doesn't matter"

    The option, given that (A) the perfromance tool didn't work very well and (B) phase issues with many samples, was to either upgrade to more or less the same library (but fixed) or to use a different library. Selling the licence is not really much of an option as they do not allow you to advertise it for sale, even if they grant permission.

    So basically I'm not very happy with Vienna - I use it begrudgingly because it has cost me so much.

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