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Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by davidherpin, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. davidherpin

    davidherpin New Member

    I have created 6 ultrabeat multi-timbral tracks and have named, assigned and recorded an individual ultrabeat drum voice for each track, kick, snare, hihat, etc. Now i want to edit the tracks in the hyper editor. I can't find a way to
    view all the midi recorded track regions together. I can only view each track individually by clicking and selecting the individual multi-timbral instrument track header.
    I tried selecting all regions and still can only view the midi notes of the selected highlighted track . Of course if i record all the midi notes, kick,
    snare, hht etc. onto one track (region) i can view all the notes in the same instance in the hyper editor.
    So my ? is, is there a way to view all the individual midi drum track regions at the same time in the hyper editor? Anybody?
    I am new to logic, and want to believe logic can do practically anything i can
    think of. And this can help my work flow. THANKS!

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