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Virub b and LPX Environment problem

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by wjc-logic, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. wjc-logic

    wjc-logic New Member

    Virus b and LPX Environment problem

    Hi all,

    I'm attempting to create a Logic Environment to control my Virus b (I know, I know....don't laugh :D ). Although there have been a few Virus b environments posted over the years, I haven't found them as useful as I had hoped.

    In the Virus b manual there's several pages of parameters which are broken up into "A", "B", and "C" lists.

    So far, I have had no trouble with the parameters in the "A" list (for instance: A58 controls the Virus b's Filter Env Release). I have faders and other controllers for all those.

    The problem is that I haven't been able to figure out how to access the Virus b parameters in the "B" and "C" list of parameters (for example: B122 controls Filter Select) so I can create faders and controls for those.

    I have consulted manuals, searched online and tried all manner of other avenues but I'm still stumped.

    Do you any of you LUG wizards know how I can access those "B" and "C" list parameters on the Virus b?

    Mac: MacBook Pro, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 with plenty of RAM and disk.
    OS: Mavericks latest
    LPX: 10.0.7

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