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Vocal preset packs / effect chains - Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by wilmot, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. wilmot

    wilmot Member

    Does anyone have any tips on some sort of presets packs, sets of effects, etc for use with vocals?

    What I'm after is basically like then ones that come with Logic (the handful male/female lead/backing vocals), but a larger selection.
  3. cliffkeller

    cliffkeller New Member

    Hi did you get any helpful responses to this question? I am interested in the same thing.
  4. wilmot

    wilmot Member

    Sorry, no.

    There's been no takers on this treat. It's a pity, since I could really do with some help on this.

    Talked a bit with a couple of studio shops, but they haven't been particularly helpful either. They mostly say that there's no silver bullet, that mostly the secret is in learning to use compressors. I can't help but wondering though, there has to be more useful effect chain packages than the ones already in Logic, hasn't there?

  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

  6. wilmot

    wilmot Member

    Thanks for this tip Eli, it seems like a good one!

    I'll definitely download a demo and give it a trial run.

    Silly thing though, is that only yesterday I sank some money into Melodyne - Which does some of the same stuff, though not really any of the effects thing that seems so nice about Nectar.

  7. wilmot

    wilmot Member

    I noticed the the Training Videos link in your signature, Eli - And it turned out that you happened to have a tutorial on Melodyne there. I've downloaded it and it seems to have a lot of info. Just what I needed - Great stuff!

  8. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Niclas,

    Thanks! Glad you are enjoying them :)
  9. cliffkeller

    cliffkeller New Member

    Hi, glad to see this topic is getting some attention. I agree, setting up a good chain for lead vocals is so important. Logic / Duet is a practical and economical solution. but some suggestions within Logic and thoughts about complimentary plug-ins that provide more variety and "warmth" would be helpful.
    best regards
    Cliff Keller
  10. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Although its not cheap, the "metric halo channelstrip" is a great. It doesn't have a big selection of presets but its my "go to."


    For "warmth" I switch between Sonnox "Inflator", Slate digital's "VCC" and Metric Halo's "Character" They all work very well but with subtly different feels.

  11. wilmot

    wilmot Member

    Has anyone tried Toontracks EZMix?
    It seems to be sets of prefab effect chains - and there's a vocals expansion.

    I downloaded the free Lite version, but couldn't really get a feel for the product from that (it's pretty limited). I worry that you can't tweak the presets enough for it to be useful, since it seems that you're not allowed access individual effects. Mainly because of this, I also worry about how well it plays with other - I.e what happens if I want to add some stuff of my own, before or after the chain.

    I use Toontracks drums and I'm very pleased with those, but this seems a pretty different beast all together.
  12. rzzz

    rzzz Member

    I use Nectar and Melodyne on my own tragic vocals all the time – makes me sound like I can almost sing.


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