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Logic 8 Vocals and backing in same session?

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Big Tuna Music, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Big Tuna Music

    Big Tuna Music New Member


    When recording vocals for an arrangement, i usually 'save as' and create a 'vox session' for the same project, then delete all the instruments and record to a bounced version of the backing. This way i save CPU, use melodyne, vocalign etc and avoid overload all the time.
    BUT...once recorded and treated vocals (40 or so tracks sometimes) i would like to paste them back into the original 'backing/arrangement' session so i can complete a mix of the vocal and instruments all under one roof! ....QU...Is there any easy/quick way of doing this besides copying and pasting audio then copying channel strip settings?

    Hope that made sense!

    Cheers, Brad;)
  3. Maurits

    Maurits Member

    This is really what they invented freezing for.. to avoid having to do all this. :) Just stick to the original session but hit the freeze button (little snowflake) for each track that's heavy on Melodyne/Vocalign and the whole track will be pre-calculated. You won't need to unfreeze them until you actually want to change something in the tracks themselves.

  4. Maurits

    Maurits Member

    Sorry I misread what you were doing.. you want to freeze all the OTHER tracks. :)

    And if that still doesn't help because the actual disk load from the frozen tracks is still too much, you could *still* stick to the original session and bounce all the tracks to one stereo track and mute the rest before recording the vocals.

    In both ways, you'd still be recording in the original song and can easily get back to working with the original.

  5. Big Tuna Music

    Big Tuna Music New Member

    Much Appreciated!

    Thanks Maurits, cheers for your time!:)
  6. mDay

    mDay Member

    sorry to intrude on the thread a little off-topic....but i was really curious Big Tuna, does Vocalign work well and is it worth it?
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Brad,

    If you upgrade to Logic 9, you can use the new track import feature for this. It's a great way of moving both content and channel strip settings between projects simultaneously.
  8. Big Tuna Music

    Big Tuna Music New Member


    Thanks Eli,

    Will look into upgrading, thats a nice lil feature! And mDay...Vocalign is brilliant if you want really tight vocals, double tracking etc, simple to use too! If it ups your game id say its worth it, there a trial you can try! the logic AU one!


  9. mDay

    mDay Member

    thanks for the info! been really curious about it for a while but never pulled the trigger. will definitely try the demo. :)

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