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Logic 9 Volume bumps when inserting plugins

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by o.m., Apr 12, 2013.

  1. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    When inserting plugins (specially 3rd party plugins like UAD) the track or bus volume often bumps up. This happens with different types, like EQs, compressors, tape emulators, and other special effects. I end up using some time and energy trying to reduce the new output volume on the plugin to match the original volume, before I can start actually tweaking the plugin and blind testing (if using the plugin actually is the best solution).

    Anyone having more effective techniques here?
  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    When you say "the track or bus volume often bumps up", do you mean that the fader actually raises, or that the perceived sound is getting louder?
    If your issue involves an undue fader movement, it would be a first for me... never occured to me!
    If the issue is rather a loudness perception, is it also reflected in the meters?
    In the latter case, I would suspect that the plugin has an imbedded gain staging code... Some plugins load up with default setting that will (expectedly) increase loudness such as compressor, for instance...
  4. o.m.

    o.m. New Member

    I was referring to the actual sound level.

    The problem is not the bump in itself, but I'm curious if anyone have techniques on how to adjust the new level (after inserting the plugin) to the original in an easy way for better A/B-ing.

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