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Wanted : Rock Bands for a International Compilation

Discussion in 'Working in the Music Industry' started by KaySmoke, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. KaySmoke

    KaySmoke New Member

    Hey !

    Hollow Nations, french music label, is LOOKING FOR ROCK BANDS (all kinds accepted)IN ORDER TO PRODUCE AN INTERNATIONAL ROCK/METAL COMPILATION.

    If you wanna be part of it, then send us your best track and get the chance to be part of an unique project.
    Make the earthquake of the year with us !


    More info on HOLLOW NATIONS' MySpace and Facebook pages...

    Cheerz ;)
  3. KaySmoke

    KaySmoke New Member

    Last chance to be part of the project :)

    Hey everyone !

    Entries for our big rock/metal contest will end on the 30th of August.

    So if you wanna win the chance to be part of this great international project, don't forget to submit your band's best track to the address linked on the flyer !
    Only 28 days guys ! C'mon !!! :cool:

    Cheers !

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