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Logic 9 Warble Effects

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by audio, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. audio

    audio New Member

    I am looking for some advice/point in the right direction on how to achieve these types of effects in Logic.

    Maybe my word choice for the type of effect is incorrect, but I am looking for a way to add sort of tape like distortion effects to my sounds. I would describe the effect as adding a warble-like distortion. Also I am interested in screeches, flutters, and other tape destruction-like effects.
  3. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Senior member

    The TApe Delay plugin has all that.

    You may also try to FLEX regions and use the region cross over as pitch up/down attack. Only audio regions can be flexed, so if needing to treat bus effects you would have to first re-record the stream as an audio track.
  4. Also try:

    Izotope Vinyl - standard and variable, scratch / noise / wow & flutter+ warped vinyl / pressing age eq Fx etc.

    Audioease Speaker phone - Awesome for wierd spaces including ambient fx library ranging from subtle to absurd - turntables, old radios, walkie talkies amps, car radios etc. with full multi fx section - comp / rooms / distortion /eq/delay etc.

    Camelphat can be quite wierd, but more for tape sat /tube/ filter + mod fx.

    Izotope trash is pretty cool, but again, more amp/ cab simulator with distortion / eq's etc.

    Logics tape delay has pretty cool tape wobble / wow & flutter fx, but that's more effecting the repeats & not the source.

    Have fun.

  5. Per Boysen

    Per Boysen Senior member

    He should of course run the whole track through the Tape Delay plug-in and re-record the output.

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