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Waves Gold, IR-1 and Q-Clone: fast opinions please

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by b-pole, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. b-pole

    b-pole Member

    Hi fellows,

    need fast advice.

    What about Waves Gold, IR-1 and Q-Clone?

    I can get them for a very nice price tonight or tomorrow.
    I have Logic 9, IK-TRacks 3 single plugs and URS Channel Strip Pro.

    Worth to buy them additionally?
    As I said I could make a really nice deal.

    If I am in the wrong topic here, sorry for that.
    Please do not hesitate to put my thread in the right topic

  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member

    Waves Demo

    You can go to waves.com and download a demo and decide for yourself...

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