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Waves Silver bundle

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by ivocruz, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. ivocruz

    ivocruz New Member

    I am looking at Waves silver bundle, is it worth the high price tag?
    Thanks for any any feedback
  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member

    Waves do it yourself packs...

    If you think that you would use all of the plug-ins in Silver it may be worth it to download the trial version and listen to them. Waves allows for a generous trial period. If you're thinking about spending the money- isn't it worth it to give them a try? You can use the plugs for 30 days or 30 instantiations. Go to this page and click 'Get Demo' and follow the directions- you need to create an iLok account if you don't have one already:


    One program that is new from Waves is the 'Do It Your Waves' program, where you can customize your Waves package with the most desirable plugs you want. For example, I love Logic's Delay Designer, thus I hardly ever use 'Super Tap' one of the plugs that comes in the Silver Bundle- why spend money on a plug-in I may never use? So Waves allows you to pick and choose among a very popular assortment of plug ins for a very good price. So maybe you are unsure about spending the $650 or so on the Silver Bundle, perhaps you can design a plug in bundle that is more useful to you at less money here:


    There are three ways to 'do it your Waves' - the first way is 'Artist Choice' basically a few collections of favorite plugins by some 'famous guys...' The second way is 'Quick Choice' where you can choose a few plugs from a list of plugs at a great price. The third choice is 'Custom Choice' where you can mix or match 3 or more plug ins À la carte...

    Regardless of what you decide- I would give all of the plug-ins you are interested in a thorough demo, there's no reason anyone should have to buy Waves blind, or on the advice of a user group. You can demo individual plug-ins, or whole bundles. Remember that you also will save money by going through a Waves Dealership, and dealerships can discount the 'Do It Your Waves Program' as well.

  4. ivocruz

    ivocruz New Member

    Thanks for good advice.
    I wish they had the No Crappy Bounce plugin collection:), but i have faith, i guess it takes a few months to know your way around that gear. Just hope it's as good as they say.
    Do you know the Radio Ready collection?

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