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Logic 9 Weirdness with changing instruments

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by fredoviola, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    Hi there, folks

    I've been encountering a very strange problem and as it's consistent I assume I must be doing something incorrectly. I can't for the life of me figure it out though, so any help would be much appreciated!

    I have a song that I'm working on that has a midi bassoon. The track has already been created and there is a songs-worth of midi information on it. I'd like to change the instrument, so what I have done is, under "Track" menu I choose "New with Duplicate Setting". I then copy down the midi file. When I play this back it plays fine. However, as soon as I change the instrument (for example, I loaded up Trillian) although the instrument plays when I hit my midi keyboard the midi file no longer works.

    What the...??? Have I done something wrong? Is this a bug? How can I fix this?

    Many thanks for the help, folks!

    - Fredo

    BTW - 2.44 Ghz 12-core Mac Pro running 10.8.1 Logic Pro 9.1.7 with 24Gb ram.
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    What MIDI channel are the events in your MIDI region set to? And what MIDI channel do you have instruments loaded up in Trilian on? What MIDI channel is your Logic Instrument set to? Do they match?
  4. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    Eli, I have to admit (and I feel QUITE ashamed) I don't know. I just load the instruments up to their default setting. But the strange thing is, the new track WILL play the instrument manually. It just won't recognize the midi file once a new instrument is loaded. BEFORE loading the new instrument the duplicated track plays fine though. If you could explain to me a bit about how to determine what you have asked me I'd be so grateful. I've been a professional Logic user (believe it or not!) for 12 years now. It's about time!!!
  5. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    aw, shoot. Figured it out now, Eli. Thanks so much for the help.
  6. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Glad you got it sorted out. Was it a MIDI channel mismatch somewhere?
  7. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    yes indeed. and this really bring up the fact that I don't understand midi well enough. By default the tracks are set to ALL. It only needed to be shifted to 1 in order to work.
  8. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    egads! Now I'm having a worst problem! Logic won't stop playing a looped section. I hit the space button repeatedly but it just keeps looping. Also the controls on the EQ plugin are not behaving properly when I mouse over during playback. What the heck??!
  9. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I dare say your computer froze(?)

    Command + Option + Escape = force quit Logic if no other keys seem to work.
  10. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    Unfortunately it's more complicated than that. A fellow over at the main Logic help site has had the same problem. This is what he's said:

    "I upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 yesterday and Logic Pro suddenly has gone unresponsive when trying to switch between Arrange View and a Plug-in View while in Loop mode. Eventually, after several seconds delay, the interactivity actions catchup - for example hitting the stop button. Honestly, I think it's a Mountain Lion issue. As a software developer, my best guess is there's is an issue with the Window Controller Class. It appears to want to maintain "state" over the main application window. If this sounds greek to you - I'm sorry! I've gone through other applications in Mac OSX, and haven't come a cross another one that allows that type functionality. I could be wrong, but that's my best guess for right now."
  11. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Solution: move back to OSX 10.6.8...
    I read so many problem with ML!
  12. fredoviola

    fredoviola New Member

    would that I could! Actually, it was my plan, but when my Mac Pro arrived Apple tech notified me that it was not compatible with Snow Leopard, a MAJOR disappointment for me. So I'm kind of stuck.
  13. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Hmmm! Bizarre! :confused:

    If you could connect an external bootable drive to your Mac Pro and boot from that one, you could try to install Snow Leopard on that external drive and actually test if that new computer could not be compatible with SL.
    !!!Of course you got to make sure nothing gets written on the original Mac Pro booting drive!!!

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