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Logic X What does it take to run 60-80 instrument tracks inside of logic pro x?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Atharv Shukla, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. Atharv Shukla

    Atharv Shukla New Member

    So I am learning film scoring and soon in some time maybe will have to get a new Mac. I am thinking of getting the macbook pro 15 inch i7 model stock. I will need to run around 60-80 instrument tracks 98 percent of which will be kontalt libraries like east west, vsl and etc. My only concern is that will the 16 GIGS of RAM get me covered? Is the CPU going to be powerful enough cause I am mainly looking for a portable setup like this one. If possible can you guys give me the minimum geekbench 3 64 bit multicore score for my needs? And also I live in India and here it's not possible to get a custom configured Mac... Thank you...
  3. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    I've done a 60+ track piece on my older iMac i7 with 16G RAM. It pushed my Mac to the limit, but a newer one might do better.
    But the track count is not necessarily the limiting factor: e.g., how many tracks are actually doing something at any one time? How are samples being accessed? I found Kontakt not particularly efficient in Logic compared to other VIs, or Kontakt in other DAWs, and did as much as I could in EXS24 to get to 60 tracks.

    A new MBP will actually take 32G RAM (see the OWC web site for RAM upgrades), and that makes a difference if you can get the VIs to use the RAM.

    That said, consider that people doing a lot of film scoring seem to move to something like VSL Pro and slave computers, often PCs, to get the sort of processing power and track count they need. You might also be better off with a pair of loaded i7 Mac Minis than a 15" MBP.

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