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Logic X What keyboard controller works best with LPX?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by chalkncheese, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. chalkncheese

    chalkncheese Member


    my M Audio Axiom controller keyboard just adopted the infamous 'Blue Face of Death' and I am now looking for another keyboard controller. I am sure that MAudio have now resolved this issue and moved on with proved kit but I am conscious that this brand aligns more with PC Cubase platforms more than Apple. So what is the best controller keyboard for use with Logic Pro X that most optimally aligns with it?
  3. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    Do you care about the action of the keyboard? If not then it doesn't really matter a whole lot which cheaper one you get so long as it has the right combination of knobs, buttons, faders etc to suit your needs.

    Regarding your question of "alignment" with only one or two exceptions all keyboard controllers are dumb and blind so none align better than any other. What I mean is they don't respond to MIDI feedback form the software to update as things get changed in the software. It's with this functionality controllers get really useful.

    In that department there's the Behringer Motor controller whose faders are motorised and most (or all) of it's controls receive MIDI feedback and update but there is no LCD names for each control so you don't know eactly what you're about to control.

    There's the Akai Max so long as you don't care about only 49 notes. Reasonable set of features and LCD naming.

    There's the Novation SLMk2 series which places the Automap software between it and Logic to handle the assigning and it works OK. Big tick for this device is it's keyboard feel is superior. Bad X for the crappy quality of it's drum pads.

    There's also things like Nektar Panorama & Akai Advance that while their controls don't provide direct visual feedback they give you an LCD screen that does provide visual feedback.

    On final thing to mention that can help make a dumb controller a LOT more useful is a little program called LC Xmu - It creates virtual midi ports that you communicate you controller through and Logic thinks a Mackie Control is connected. It also provides onscreen naming just like a Mackie Control. It's incredibly useful and opens up huge possibilities.

    Did I miss any? Not sure. Hope that helps.

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