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Which Interface do You Use

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by asimmd, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    HI All

    Following on from my Waveform problem,I would like to ask which interface people use that displays the waveform correctly on the Arrange Page when recording?

    I am told by my music shop that this problem has been seen before by people using the Profire 610,so I am looking to see which interface works properly.


  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Questions to consider when choosing an interface
    1. Are you recording one audio track at a time? Or a live band in one pass?

    2. Recording only mono sources e.g. one mic?, one guitar input? at a time??? Or recording the stereo outs of a keyboard? guitar processor?

    3. Do you need MIDI In/Out connectors? Maybe not if using USB. In my case MIDI connectors are important.

    4. Some interfaces have one or two dedicated Hi-Z inputs for electric guitar and bass. Very nice. Otherwise, the interface software and hardware gain controls need to be adjusted for optimal signal gain for guitar.

    5. Do you need S/PDIF or TosLink or ADAT Lightpipe connectors? Or not

    6. USB or Firewire connection to the computer? Or a hybrid that includes both?

    7. Budget$?$?$?

    I've had good success with
    MOTU: old - 828mkll, new- Track 16
    Apogee: Ensemble, One

    Being clear on what's needed for the intended use and your budget will help to narrow down the choice of interface from a staggering range of options.
  4. sounds7

    sounds7 New Member

    Same question here, Is the Tascam US 2000 a decent interface with Logic?
  5. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Thanks CSeye

    I record 1 Audiotrack at a time

    I record 1 guitar at a time,although the guitar is Mono,I use a Stereo track as the plugins are Stereo.

    I do not need Midi

    I do need a Hi Z Guitar Input 1 essential 2 would be OK

    I do not need S/pdif or TosLink or ADAT or Lightpipe connectors.

    USB or Firewire,that is the question.

    I suppose having both is a luxury but I already use Firewire so I have to say I don't mind.

    Budget up to $500

    I was looking at the Apogee stuff but it seems a bit featureless,maybe not a bad thing.

    I do like the look of the MOTU Audio Express and the 828Mk11

    Sorry for the late reply,I have been in Hospital.

  6. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    I have no direct experience with this unit but it looks like it would work quite well.

    The big concerns with an interface are it's system requirements: type of computer/processor supported or required, version of OSX required, etc.

    Another issue is how quickly a company updates it's drivers to keep pace with the bleeding edge of upgrades and updates.

    It's looks good.
    I'd spend time googling this unit as it relates to your specific Mac, version of Logic, etc, just to be sure.
  7. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hi Alan,

    I hope all is well!

    My perspective is that Apogee is pricey but yields the best sonic performance. Drivers were not ready for Lion. They were for ML.

    MOTU packs in many useful features and it's drivers are always ready for the next major OS upgrade. They also seem to keep drivers available on-line for older units much longer than some manufacturers.

    828mkll (older unit)? or the mklll?
    I have the mkll and it's been a consistently reliable performer since '05. The newer mkll would give the latest version of CueMix which includes some very useful DSP tools.

    But given your budget, maybe this would be a better choice with more than enough ins and outs: http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/audio-express

    I used the Apogee One when I first got a MacBook Pro coupled with a MOTU Fastlane MIDI interface. It sounds great! Having a single input was never an issue because I have other options if needed. But for a sole or primary interface, I would think having at least 2 inputs is the minimum for those times you want to record the output of a keyboard/sound module, or stereo (for digitizing vinyl, cassettes, etc)

    The Duet is very nice if you can stretch the budget.

    Happy decision making. :D
  8. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Thanks CSeye

    Nasty chest infection thank you British winter.

    Many thanks for the reply.

    I did download the manual for the Audio Express and it does look very good.

    My concern is that the Profire 610 has 4 stereo outs,which I connect to my Spirit M4 mixer.

    I suppose I should really stop doing this and learn to mix inside the box,which seems to be the way most do it these days.

    I had heard the drivers are very stable,and support is supposedly very good as well.

    As long as the included software is not as difficult to get to grips with as the MAudio,I think I may just try the Audio Express.

    I was also thinking of the 828 Mk3 but it has lots more outs than I need,and for the price I think the Express will do just as we'll.


  9. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Well much as I was looking forward to buying myself a new toy,I am going to have to think of something else because i have fixed my interface problem.

    Let's put it down to user error for now because I really don't know what i did,i have been altering so many things.

    i think it was just getting the track set to mono/stereo,and balancing the volume levers between the plugins i am using,and the track inputs.

    Anyway,all seems to be working as it should.

    Thanks for all the comments.

  10. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Not as much fun, but saving $$$ by problem solving is always the better option.:D

    Try to spend time working entirely In The Box. It's a simpler set up, with a cleaner signal path. You still have the option to use your mixer for multiple outs when needed.

    I had a small but respectable hardware home studio set up in the mid '90s. The first magazine ad for Cubase VST in '97 grabbed my attention. A few months later I was totally ITB with my first Mac (with a 75 MHz processor), wondering what to do with my hardware. That's my story:hippy:
  11. asimmd

    asimmd Member

    Thanks for your help CSeye

    You are correct regarding the cash.

    I will have to try working totally inside the box,it's something I have never got to grips with.

    Ahh powered monitors maybe he he.


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