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Which software is best to export final movie for Quicktime?

Discussion in 'Legacy Logic Studio Applications' started by afavreau, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. afavreau

    afavreau Senior member

    I'm new to video so I'm wondering, once I finish my Video project in Logic, where should I bring it to configure Audio/Video settings and export final movie for Quicktime?

    I don't have Final Cut Pro. These are the ones I have:

    -Garage Band (It has the same export features as iMovie I think)
    -SoundTrack pro

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    You can export it directly to the movie from within Logic. But you have to (temporarily) launch Logic in 32 bit mode for this feature to be available.
  4. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I work with a composer who has this very issue all the time.

    1) Mix your Logic session to 2 track.

    2) Reboot Logic in 32 bit mode (use the "get info" function to see the 32 bit box and check it, restart Logic).

    3) Create new session, import your movie, then audio, sync them, and then bounce your audio back into the QT.

    In Logic, make sure you have a correct area selected for the audio to be folded back into, and when you use the "Export Audio to Movie" function, you can select to add this as a new track, or remove and replace the old audio with the new,.

    So, Logic will work just fine ;-)
  5. afavreau

    afavreau Senior member

    Maybe I wasn't clear.

    I would also like to compress/format the VIDEO part also, not just the audio. To my knowledge, Logic doesn't do that (I want to work on a video tutorial for my piano students). That's why I was thinking of one of these four...

    -Garage Band (It has the same export features as iMovie I think)
    -SoundTrack pro

    From your answers, should I presume that the audio part should be done in Logic only and the video part in another app?
  6. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    I use Logic for layback of the audio to the movie, and the free Handbreak app to compress the results down to a smaller size.
  7. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    I haven't tried George's advice, I'm sure it work great.

    For what you want I think you could do everything in Soundtrack Pro, although you'll find editing audio in Logic to be superior (and easier, IMHO).

    I'd recommend doing your work in Logic, create a stereo mix and bring it into STP or, if you own it (it used to come with Logic) QuickTime Pro 7.

    Have to confess I haven't used iMovie or GB too much. I have used Compressor to convert movie formats - no reason you couldn't export your audio out to the existing video and then use Compressor.

    I'm pretty sure STP and QT Pro just access Compressor's features in their interface, may be true with the other programs as well.

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