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Logic 9 Why do I get sound from the input when I did not press record ?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by birdclaw, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. birdclaw

    birdclaw New Member

    Suddenly I get sound from the track I want to record on even though I did not press "r" somebody told me that it is because the "i" is turned on, but its not. I have not had this problem before, it just happened for some reason. Its really annoying because I cannot really hear the music im playing over that well since this starting to occur, and it does not help to press mute either
  3. etzilla

    etzilla New Member

    Hi Niels,
    Could you give some more info about your setup?

    In the mixer, do you see the indicator responding (working)?
    It could be that you're listening to monitoring. In my case, my AI (moth) has a mixer in where I have control over external inputs, etc.
    So, in my setup the audio of my hardware synth is plugged into chnl 3&4 of my ultralite.
    In my ultralite-mixer I control the input levels to Logic. In this mixer I can also decide if I want to hear the incoming signal. So if the monitorfader is up, I can hear generated sound straight from the prophet. Even if I don't have a audio channel in Logic. Do I want to listen through Logic, with "I" on, I have to mute the output volume of ultralite.
    Basically, I think you are hearing your audio interface.
    That's why you have to tell a little more about your setup and the gear you use.

    Hope this helps.
  4. birdclaw

    birdclaw New Member

    Hi Etienne thanks a lot for your reply. I think it might be because of my new soundcard which has a lot of options that I did not have with my old soundcard. Its an AU Apollo. But I will check again
    All the best

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