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Logic 9 Why does MIDI 'chord' only play from start of track?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by marksealey, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. marksealey

    marksealey Member

    New to Logic Pro (9.1.1 on 10.6.4 using an Akai LPK25).

    I've successfully recorded a software instrument track playing with the Akai MIDI controller. It's a kind of drone.

    I played a chord (no more than 2 seconds in duration), then dragged its length out in Region then the Piano Roll to fill my entire song (250 bars).

    It plays from the beginning. But if I stop and resume playing - nothing!

    Is that because the MIDI event is effectively terminated?

    Thanks so much for anyone who's patient enough kindly to explain this. I'm loving LP, but it is a steep learning curve, isn't it?

    (And I'll only learn by asking :).)
  3. Rounik

    Rounik Member

    Hi Mark,

    MIDI note events are basically instructions that trigger a sound of an instrument. The note event has info like start point (MIDI ON), velocity (Volume), pitchbend, aftertouch, etc. Logic doesn't know what the triggered sound will "sound like" if you start playback in the middle of the note event because it hasn't had a chance to trigger it...

    However, you can set up Chase mode so that Logic will trigger the note even if the playhead does not pass the start of the note.

    Settings > MIDI > Chase
    Make sure the Notes checkbox is ticked.

    (as this is a Project Setting and not a global setting, you'll need to re-enable this in each project or save it as a template and use that template).

    Yes, Logic has a steepish learning curve... but it's worth it!! There are quite a few ways around to shorten the learning curve... I'd recommend the tutorials in my signature to get a comprehensive and fun step-up to the world of Logic...

  4. marksealey

    marksealey Member

    Why does MIDI 'chord' only play from start of track? [SOLVED]

    Thanks again, Rounik!

    Yes, makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to explain this aspect of MIDI :).

    I completely understand now. Shall look again at the MacPro videos. Thanks!

    Talking of project vs global settings, is there any way to set the Metronome globally (Logic-wide) only to sound for the count in?

    Thanks again.
  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hi Mark,

    If you're new to the exciting world of Logic 9, then I would like to recommend some excellent resources that help new users become "pro" users:


    The content is presented in the context of working on various projects. Logic features, tools, and tips are presented when needed during the course of completing a project. It starts off very easy but incrementally progresses to more complex levels. The really cool part is that, because the information is broken down into manageable bits, coupled with a very clear style of writing, the learner experiences a very smooth transition from beginner to experienced user.


    Being a tutorial junkie, I can say with a high degree of certainty that there is no finer, comprehensive video introduction to Logic 9 that this tutorial. Highly recommended!!! Again the content is presented in manageable bits in the context of working on a project. Project files are included.

    I have absolutely no affiliation with Groove 3. I do however, have their complete Logic line up which has elevated my Logic skills in a most enjoyable manner.

    Best regards,

  6. marksealey

    marksealey Member

    Hi Wally,

    Thanks very much for that. I've scanned almost every resource I could find. Am working my way through Lynda atm.
    Yes, I've begun that. Found it a little unsatisfactory in that it says, "Do this; Do that" without always explaining why. Shall persevere, though :).
    I agree: tutorials work for me too. Especially when you can follow and understand why you're doing what you are.

    Thanks. Yes, I had seen these. But they seemed a little pricey without really knowing what they're like. Shall return to the site now, thanks to your recommendations and see if I can find a sample video.

    Your help greatly appreciated!
  7. Rounik

    Rounik Member

    Again, no problem at all Mark!

    I'd recommend checking out the Core Logic 101 which is the perfect place to start your Logic journey:
    alternatively a Pro Subscription is a great deal as you'll have access to all the Logic tutorials... well the entire library of tutorials (Photoshop, Pro Tools, Live, Reason, Mac OSX, etc, etc...)

    Hope it helps!
  8. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Mark,

    (Thanks Wally for your continued endorsements!) I am the author of the Groove 3 Logic 9 Explained videos. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or want any additional info about them. There is a sample video available at the Logic 9 Explained page at the Groove 3 web site. Obviously it's hard for me to be objective :) but I think they do give a comprehensive overview of Logic's main "bread and butter" features.
  9. robgb

    robgb Member

    I highly recommend this and other Groove3 tutorials. They're excellent.

    You might also want to look at tutorials from and check youtube for a number of free videos. SFLogicNinja has a lot of great ones there.

    But, honestly, your best best is Eli's stuff. He's very good at teaching.
  10. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Isn't Core Logic 101 essentially the Logic 8 version with a few bits of Logic 9 thrown in? ;)

    I would think that someone new to Logic as of version 9 would want Logic 9-specific content.

    The Groove 3 Logic 9 Explained is all new content and not a repackaged version of the Logic 8 tutorial.
  11. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hi Mark,
    Since you have access to Lynda, then put your mind at ease, and dig into the L9 Essential Training by Scott Hirsch. I skimmed through a very chapters recently and found it to be very informative at a nice, easy going pace.

    The funny thing about the "Do this; Do that" approach is that it all starts to make sense when you reflect back on what you accomplished at the end of each chapter. Silly to say that I found taking the quizzes seemed to help crystallize the information.

    Videos provide immediate gratification and understanding of certain procedures.

    Working through the Apple Pro book is a much slower process. However I found that to be very helpful as reading the text while looking at the screen shots and my computer monitor put me in a more reflective, deep-thinking mode to better absorb the content.

    I would encourage you to keep working through the book as the real payoff is the cumulative understanding you gain when you reach the end.

    Ultimately, a combination of book and video seems to really work well.

    Best regards,

  12. robgb

    robgb Member

    Am I the only one who has a problem learning audio applications through a book? I probably shouldn't say this, because I write books for a living (although fiction), but for me it's much, much easier to watch someone like Eli demonstrating and then following along.

    A book is great for quick reference questions, but real learning comes from seeing and hearing, I think.

    Just my opinion.
  13. marksealey

    marksealey Member

    Eli, Hi!

    Thanks for that. Certainly looks interesting.

    But I'm still not sure which package is right for me: I've been using Logic Pro 9 for about a month. Never used GarageBand. I'm interested in writing 'classical' music. So drums and loops and audio are not a high priority.

    Every time I think I've got a hang of the basics, something like this MIDI track thing (this thread) comes along and puts me in my place.

    So it's extremely important for me to get as close to a total understanding of the relevant basics of LP as I can.

    In that case, which package (I confess to being a little confused: you seem to have so much on offer) I ought o go for.

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations :).
  14. marksealey

    marksealey Member


    Thanks for that!

    I'm actually tempted to go back and do the Pro Training Series chapters again in the light of what I am now comfortable with. It's a little like sweeping up leaves… now a stroke to the left, which doesn't touch the centre and right; then the centre, which leaves the flanks behind; next the right flank, which is less and allows you to bring the other two segments with you.

    I also found with the book that there was a lot that I didn't expect to want to do, given my emphasis on 'classical' music.

    I'm also finding Logic Pro 9 by Cousins and Hepworth-Sawyer extremely clear and well set out.

    Thanks again!
  15. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Watching a video is without question a much easier way to grasp how things work. I imagine it be similar to a time when the apprentice learned by watching, then assisting the master craftsperson before being deemed competent to go it alone.

    But there is something about the way the Apple Pro books are scripted to promote learning that I find very appealing. Right now, I'm reading through the Apple Pro book on Final Cut Express. It's slow going, but I'm digesting the content and retaining it. I just started viewing the Lynda FCE tutorial which is excellent but a bit fast paced.

    My impression is that I'm able to follow the online video tutorial as well as I ams because of time spent with the book. I suppose the oppose might be true: starting with a video, then reinforcing the learning by working through a book. Both has given me something useful.

    I agree with you that learning comes from seeing and hearing, but then also doing on a routine basis.
  16. marksealey

    marksealey Member


    I couldn't agree more!

    I was an educator for 20 years: working with as many media as possible is generally preferable. I intend to pursue in parallel the sources you've all been kind enough to recommend here :). Thanks!

    Just that the book does still tend to lead you through a kind of algorithm without always explaining why you're doing it. You do it successfully, all right. But unless it's in a context that includes why, you do tend to forget. Or, I do!

    I know that the more I do, the more mistakes I make, the more I come at something from many angles, the more rounded will be my understanding.

    Video is certainly easier on the neck too :D!

    I've asked Eli for a recommendation from among his several packages. Am looking forward to it.

  17. Rounik

    Rounik Member

    Wow... That's both unfair and not relevant IMHO... ;)

    I don't know if you're familiar with the Apple Certified Guide : Logic 101: Introduction to Logic Express 8 and Logic Pro 8 book by David Nahmani and the book for Logic 9?? (You linked to the later above). The content is exactly the same aside from a few minor changes throughout the book to reflect changes relevant to Logic 9... However, I had to pay full whack to get the new edition... I'm not complaining as I feel it is a good book and of course as an Apple Certified Trainer I use it as the basis when teaching Logic Certified courses.

    The Core Logic 9 101 is the Logic 8 101 with additional videos and some replaced videos & content relevant to any changes in Logic 9. The interface and 95% of the functions etc are exactly the same otherwise! There's no need to reinvent a highly acclaimed and popular wheel just for the sake of it.

    You know macProVideo charge existing owners of the Logic 8 101 only $5 to upgrade to 9... we'd rather do that and make less money than create new content for the sake of it in order to convince customers they "need" a brand new tutorial when the existing one ticks all the boxes.

    Aside from that Flex Time and other major additions are either covered in their own tutorials or in the free "Logic 9 first look" tutorial:

    I didn't reply to (and answer) Mark's original question to promote macprovideo tutorials... I replied in order to explain the concept of Chase MIDI note events.

    @ Mark, there are plenty of options available as you can see from this discussion. I hope you find the one's that suit your learning style and needs best. I'd like to add that an additional option not yet discussed is one-to-one training or attending the 3 day Logic 101: Introduction to Logic Express 9 and Logic Pro 9 course at your local Apple Authorised Training Centre. At the end of the 3 days you have the option to take an exam which will give you the title of Apple Certified Pro in Logic 9 level 1. Although all the content is based on the Logic 9 book by David Nahmani, I've had students who feel they've gained a lot from attending course over reading the book at home. Of course this option is more costly, but some people appreciate the intensive hands-on approach...

    Otherwise, all the links to videos and books and using forums like this one will, I'm sure, be of huge benefit in helping you get the most out of Logic!

    Good luck!
  18. marksealey

    marksealey Member


    I can and I truly appreciate all your helpful suggestions!

    This seems a really friendly and supportive forum. As soon as I get on top of things with L, I hope I can put back by contributing too.

    I'm still looking at all the sources - but feel sure (thanks to all your advice) that I'm going to get a better understanding for it :).

  19. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your email. Sorry for the delay responding - I just got back from an out of town gig with my band.

    I hear what you are saying about being interested mostly in MIDI. The thing is that nowadays, the line between audio and MIDI is blurred. It's not an "either - or" thing. When you are using software instruments - and I am assuming that you either are or will be using at the very least, some - working in the audio stream becomes relevant. You still need to mix your MIDI tracks. And if they are not coming from software instruments, then you'll probably want to either route or record your external synths into Logic. So, audio pays a role even when working strictly with MIDI.

    My videos do deal with audio, loops, and drums, etc; but always in the service of learning about the broader concepts involved. I think you would probably be well served with the Logic Explained videos; and then the Logic Qwik Trix videos. Start with Logic Explained though. It will help you get up and running and comfortable with the basic workflow within Logic. The actual content of the examples may not be your cup of tea. But I think if you can look past this; you will find them to be very useful.
  20. Rounik

    Rounik Member

    Thanks Mark! Keep them questions coming and enjoy the Logic journey... Logic is such a deep and wonderful application that it's quite possible for experienced users to learn new things (Logic's Environment for example is a wonderful place to create all sorts of excellent music making tools). But one step at a time ;-)
  21. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Hello Mark and welcome to the forum. I use MIDI Monitor to see what
    controller events are being sent from my EWI to LP and I can highly
    recommend it. Another way to find an answer to this is to look in
    the Logic "Event List" this might have a 'note off' event at the
    point you stopped playing and LP see's this and stops-I don't think
    I remember anything about LP removing a note off event when
    extending the region length. The Event List if I remember correctly
    is -nope I don't have logic open at the moment so look in help for
    it and see if that is the problem. Some users[including me] have
    reported strange behavior in MIDI regions-the proposed solution is
    often to bounce[ record the MIDI performance changing it into an
    audio file that can't be edited as much as a MIDI file can.] Yes,
    the learning curve is worse than rocket science, but worth the
    effort. I get into trouble when I post the same question on
    different forums-the moderators do the work for free and I can
    imagine my stream of why's is sometimes too irritating to reply
    to,so be it. I will be looking for the result as this is new to me
    every time I open the app.

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