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Logic 9 Why Won't Logic 9 remember settings?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by David51, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. David51

    David51 Senior member

    My 2 copies of Logic Pro 9.1.8 are both installed using the originalStudio DVDs and both are acting up so badly I can't get any work done.

    They refuse to remember the settings in Arrange like no overlap becomes overlap and thequantize goes back to SMART,this is he same for any setting in the APp.

    Also the Hyper Draw doesn't trigger the things it had been automated to do, example: Strings from jamPack4 won't follow the drawn in automation in the Piano Roll Hyper editor,no instance of Hyper draw is working.

    Also there is something screwed up with the audio output,it comes and goes but I don't have any way to control it, at first it seemed to help if I dis:brkwl:abled core audio and then enabled it again,shut down Logic -reopen Logic but that trick isn;t working anymore

    Wasn't there a new $9.99 monthly Logic pro service on offer somewhere?
  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Project settings pertain to the project they have been saved in, AFAIK. You normally should be able to import most of those from other projects. Creating a Template could solve that kind of issue.

    Regarding your audio, you dont mention what is your audio device? Are you using headphones plugged directly to your Mac Mini?

    Regarding support: no only free well-intentioned help :D
    or $$$$ home service studio technician... Or if you are adventurous $$ remote computer service from you dont know who/where with most the time highly questionable competence... :errr:
  4. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Thanks Atlas, I was using headphones from the Minis' output but after hearing at a friends house what is possible with the Focusrite VRM box I now am routing the output for Logic to the VRM box and I love being able to hear the mix indifferent rooms and through different speakers. That doesn't solve my problem but it does answer your question.You mention templates and I have used them but every song I do has a different content,instrumentally, so the templates are not much use,and I found I was importing corrupt files from old templates into new songs, also not what I need.

    I had read many times that trashing the prefs would sometimes help,I had done that already in the root Library but tried removing the prefs from my user Library, I am glad I didn't trash them because when I had stored them in a folder with a different name on the desktop I then rebooted and opened Logic-the Hyper draw area had disappeared completely,a solution but not a very nice one, so I put them back, rebooted, and opened Logic to the same song and was relieved to see hyper Draw was there again. it seems that Logic gets stranger with every new OSX version.

    Thanks for the warning about $$remote computer services, I wonder if Eli does email help?

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